The Mask We Share: Advancing The Individual’s Role In The Collective Climate Action In The Time Of Pandemic

For the last year, the world was met with an unprecedented crisis that we now know today as the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the dangers of the pandemic, the world’s nations closed their borders off to protect the safety of their own people and ensure that the pandemic is prevented from spreading further. Such actions, while necessary, proved to be a challenge for the globalized world and our international relations, in general. Tensions rose alongside the panic caused by the pandemic, and governments and other institutions found themselves focusing solely on other pertinent matters such as the race for a vaccine, national security and ensuring the citizen’s adherence to newly enforced quarantine measures.

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However, as the Philippines’ experience in the last year has shown, despite the pandemic, the climate change problem that continues to plague the world still has not disappeared. It is for this reason that our organization, UP EURO, will be centering this year’s Summit on the issue of climate change in the context of the pandemic.

As an organization that envisions the mutually beneficial future between the Philippines and Europe, our Summit will tackle the potential areas for cooperation between the two regions when it comes to addressing climate change.


Thus, this year’s summit is entitled: “The Mask We Share: Advancing The Individual’s Role In The Collective Climate Action In The Time Of Pandemic”. While we agree that the government’s actions go a long way towards contributing to solving the climate change problem, the actions of various individuals also cannot be discounted.

For this reason, UP EURO is inviting diplomats, scientific experts, sustainable business owners or even local and foreign activists to this year’s Summit to speak about their own humble yet important actions towards addressing the climate change problem. These speakers will also be speaking about the various institutions, organizations or events that may serve as opportunities for cooperation between the Philippines and Europe in their respective fields.


Truly, the dangers and fear brought by the pandemic has proven to be divisive, serving as an obstacle to a much-needed cooperation between the Philippines and Europe. This Summit envisions to present the potential for such cooperation between our two regions while at the same time encouraging individuals as well, to do their own part in addressing climate change.


            Catch this year’s esteemed speakers from different fields as they impart their knowledge and expertise on April 17, 2021 at 2PM-5PM (GMT+8) via Zoom and FB Live!


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