The Marikina Veterinary Hospital Looks Promising!

If you’re from the East side like me, I’m sure you definitely know the struggle of getting to places. Traffic’s just that bad nearly all the time! Though a lot of cool places are in the cities like Makati and Taguig, sometimes it’s just a pain to get to them.

For pet owners, I’m pretty sure it’s a bit frustrating that a lot of the quality veterinary clinics, pet hotels, and grooming services are painstaking to get to. Well, not anymore!

marikina veterinary hospital

Photo courtesy of Mark Ignacio

The Marikina Veterinary Hospital opened just a few days ago but its photos can speak a thousand words! We don’t have much details about this place just yet so, for now, please have a look at these photos taken by Mark Ignacio and marvel at the Marikina Veterinary Hospital’s awesomeness!

Clean stations? Yassss.

marikina veterinary hospital

Is it just me or this looks really neat and high quality?

marikina veterinary hospital

YOU GUYS. They’ve got nurseries for the babies!

marikina veterinary hospital

Look at all those supplies!

marikina veterinary hospital

I don’t know about you guys, but to me, this place looks very promising. Hopefully the service would follow through as well. A well-developed hospital for animals and quality service would surely put the parents of adorable furbabies at ease.

As a “mother” of two doggies, seeing this new veterinary hospital makes me so happy. I think I’d be bringing them here next time!

Do you have other veterinary clinics in the East side to recommend? 


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