The Mandara Spa: Experiencing The Art of Relaxation + Giveaway!

When in Manila, one cannot escape stress. You go out and you feel the scorching heat, you drive to work and you face traffic–you get stressed almost everywhere. But the great thing is, there are tons of places you can get de-stressed.  At the mall, library, and of course, at the spa. 


Such is The Mandara Spa, but it’s not just a place to remove all the stress but a place where you can experience genuine relaxation from head to toe. 


mandara-spa-greenhills-when-in-manila (2)


The Mandara Spa has elevated the spa experience to a new art form. Their signature services will not only relieve stress and treat physical conditions; they also provide physical and emotional benefits. 


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I rarely go to spas because I find the idea bizarre. Why spend on a massage when you can just go read a book to relax? Well, I am total convert. After going to The Mandara Spa, I have realized that I am not paying for service, I am paying for both an experience and art form. 


mandara-spa-greenhills-when-in-manila (13)


The experience starts right when you enter the establishment.  The room smells like a lovely forest full of flowery scents and the sound of water flowing will remind you of calm body of water. 


mandara-spa-greenhills-when-in-manila (5)


You will be greeted with a pleasant “hello” and an offer of their soothing  tea and hot towel right before your actual massage, or “body ritual” as they call it.


mandara-spa-greenhills-when-in-manila (9)


Lastly, the sight of these lamps reflecting shadows and different colours is brings you to another dimension of the world where everything is calm and peaceful. 


mandara-spa-greenhills-when-in-manila (12)


Everything in the Mandara Spa exudes a breath of relaxation, yes, even this stair wall.

That’s why I am very glad to have discovered this spa along the busy street of Annapolis in Greenhills. They do have a branch in Bonifacio Global City but they have recently opened this branch to cater to their customers from the north. 


mandara-spa-greenhills-when-in-manila (3)


 The Mandara Spa takes note of every detail and prioritizes their customers’ experience first. They make sure that aside from good quality service, the products they use are also of high quality.  Unlike other spas, they make their own oils and lotions from organic products to ensure that the rituals are fully experienced by the customer. 


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