“The Magic School Bus” is Getting a Reboot and the Trailer is Here!

The Magic School Bus Rides Again

One of our favorite shows in the ’90s was The Magic School Bus, the magical show that taught us science in fun ways. Through Miss Frizzle, her students got to explore the solarsystem, the past, and the human body by boarding a school bus and literally going there. The show will be back as Netflix is rebooting the series and the trailer is here!

Watch it below:

In The Magic School Bus Rides Again, the class of Walkerville School is introduced to Miss Frizzle’s (now Professor Fizzle) sister Fiona Frizzle, who tours the class under the water, in outer space, inside the internet, and in prehistoric times. While Fiona is handling the class, it looks like Miss Frizzle will be having adventures on her own as the trailer closes with her telling her monkey, “Our adventure begins!”

Lily Tomlin returns as the voice of Miss Frizzle and she is joined by Kate McKinnon as Fiona. If the voice singing the iconic theme song sounds familiar, it’s Hamilton  creator and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda!

The reboot of the show will be available on Netflix starting September 29.

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