The Life Drawing Setup By Whoaremaro

It’s that time of the month again! The Lifedrawing Setup — Manila’s original nude figure drawing party is back and it’s happening on August 26, Saturday at Warehouse Eight.

LDS_WIM_Press Release_Photo 1

photo by Kevin Cantos

The Lifedrawing Setup features a back-to-back male and female nude figure drawing event. Each model poses for 90 minutes in total and those poses are broken down into 5, 15 and 30-minute poses.

Entrance comes with sponsored drinks from Bombay Sapphire and raffle giveaways from Art Whale and Faber Castell Philippines.


LDS_WIM_Press Release_Photo 2 nude

photo by Zoë Rosal

Come down and enjoy the best drawing party in Manila which features live electronic acts, a small art market, and the company of the local artist community.

LDS_WIM_Press Release_Photo 3

photo by Zoë Rosal

Entrance is 700PHP at the door and 600PHP is you pay for Early Bird rates which you could get if you email before the event date. You could also email the team if you’re looking to help out, want to be a featured artist, model, or have other ideas of collaboration — we encourage it!

LDS_WIM_Press Release_Photo 4

photo by Kevin Cantos

video by Gelo Angustia