The Launch of YouTube Philippines

When in Manila and you decide to upload a video on YouTube that might just go viral, you’d be happy to know that YouTube Philippines has officially been launched!



YouTube is a video-sharing website that was created only 6 years ago but has already become a worldwide phenomenon! It is the 3rd highest traffic generating site according to I’m not sure if EVERYONE has an account, but I’m sure everyone has already viewed at LEAST one video on YouTube.

YouTube is already such a famous and powerful website, so why launch it in the Philippines? What’s all the hula-balu about anyway? …well, why not? According to Google’s Director of Product Management Adam Smith, “Filipinos account for a lot of views in the Southeast Asia with tens of millions of views in a day.” This makes it PERFECT to launch YouTube here in the Philippines. 


Last October 26, YouTube celebrated this big step in White Space, Makati! It was a fun-filled event with several of the big companies like Globe, Abs-Cbn, Tv5, and more present. Here’s a sneak preview of the YouTube party:



So what difference does YouTube Philippines have anyway? Well now that it’s been launched here, there are a few more perks Filipinos can experience.

1. Online Advertising

Local companies would be thrilled to know that they can now promote their brands through YouTube. You know those pop-up ads at the bottom of videos that we keep seeing?

Yep, that small rectangular box at the bottom of the video. Well, before YouTube launched in the Philippines, only foreign brands could promote their ads through Google. Now, local brands and companies could also post their brands through this online advertisement.

2. Gain income from your video

When you post a video online, regardless of the MANY viewers you receive, you wouldn’t be able to earn a single peso. Well with the launch of YouTube Philippines, ORIGINAL content creators would be able to earn from ad placements and the like! hmm…. this could just be my big break! (insert sarcastic response here!)

3. The YouTube Partner Program will open to Filipino video creators

The launch of the localized site had Google establishing a sales team for the Philippine market, executives said. This team would deal with content creators through the YouTube Partner Program  (

4. Live streaming from the Philippines is now possible!

Top broadcast channels like GMA and Abs-Cbn are already considering putting up their shows for live streaming. For those of you outside of the Philippines interested in viewing the localized content, simply set your YouTube location to the Philippines and the site will deliver the appropriate material.

5. Customized interface that will allow Filipinos to easily find videos relevant to our country

Need to find a Filipino song yet American artists keep popping out? Well with the customized interface, everything will be linked to the Philippines. Related videos, suggested videos, etc.

6. The presidential channels from President Aquino at and]

Through these channels, the government will be able to connect to the people in a faster and easier way. No more barriers between government and people, this is our direct line to Malacañang!

So WHEN IN MANILA, browse, watch, upload videos and get updated with latest news for Youtube has officially launched here in the Philippines!

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