The Last Wild Place: Not Your Ordinary Travel Show



When In Manila and you are one of those people who wonder what the 7,107 islands in the Philippines can offer, get ready because four friends will bring The Last Wild Place (s) right before your very eyes!


The Last Wild Place is a one-hour reality travel show that takes you to the great outdoors from Romblon, the Babuyan Islands, the Northern Philippines, Mindoro, Eastern Visayas, and Mindanao and Negros.”


This show is not like any other travel show you often see on television these days. Whether by land or sea, it aims to promote preservation and conservation of the country’s natural resources as well as call for responsible tourism. THE LAST WILD PLACE was created to search, document, create awareness, and conserve these last wilderness areas before they disappear.”


To bring you all that and call for arms in preserving the country’s natural resources and responsible tourism while having the best experiences that would last a lifetime, meet the ordinary yet not so ordinary hosts:


Anna Varona who says the show “will help educate people like me who do not have that much knowledge beyond Boracay, Batangas and Puerto Galera.”




Ivan Sarenas who says “To know ourselves we have to know our grounds. There is so much of the Philippines that is unknown to the Filipino, this show aims to spark the interest of everyone to explore these places that deserve attention. “




Paul Cuenca who says “Filipinos should be made aware and should be proud of its unique natural heritage. There should be a tradition of protection & conservation for our National Parks. Responsible and sustainable tourism should be practiced in these natural areas. These are the objectives that we will try to achieve in the Last Wild Place which we hope will ignite the interest of the public for the places that we visit.”





Rico Calero who says “The Last Wild Place is an adventure show that will highlight the beauty that is truly “pinoy”. The show will capture areas in the Philippines that has been hardly heard of by urbanite manilenos and expound on its different attributes thru the eyes of the different host and the camera. The last wild place will serve as a tool that will encourage the Filipinos to appreciate the last remaining areas of beautiful environments that still exist in the Philippines and to remind the Filipinos that we should be proud of this heritage and to take it to heart to protect this unique environment and preserve it in order for the coming generations to appreciate the beauty that we can say is “sariling atin ito”. The beauty that will transcend time and space will eventually be appreciated thru a global perspective and eventually elevate the Philippines as a tourist destination that is worth to be visited time and time again.”





These four friends had endure the possible perils of the trips and enjoyed the breathtaking beauty nature has to offer but this just not end with them. If you think there are any wild places left in the Philippines and if you are the following:


• willing to trek long distances
• climb
• camp
• get bitten by bugs
• ready to feel uncomfortable
• up for any hard challenges
• keen to enjoy breathtaking natural beauty
• want to meet indigenous people
• advocate of preservation
• see captivating wildlife
• signing a waiver while doing everything listed before this
• and ready to have the experience of a lifetime


Thank your lucky stars because The Last Wild Place is looking for adventure enthusiasts to join Anna, Paul, Ivan and Rico in the final episode. Here is how:


• Like The Last Wild Place on Facebook: or follow @LastWildPlace on Twitter


• Email: info@­ explaining why you think would be a good host for the show, and what eco-tourism and preservation means to you. Video entries are also optional.


• The final step would be to log your entry via the Facebook or Twitter page, either post a message on the Facebook wall or send a Tweet saying “I entered the #LastWildPlaceCastingCall”



Just be sure to send your entries on or before June 26th, 2012 not later than 5PM and you might just get a call back and be at The Last Wild Place.



For Casting Call updates and more information on the competition pre-requisites and filming schedule visit The Last Wild Place Facebook page.



For more information visit their official website:



So When In Manila, make sure you get ready for The Last Wild Place, it is the high time to promote sustainable development and responsible tourism in which we are all responsible of.



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