The Jefferson Bloom: Lighter on the Feet, and the Planet

We are ecstatic to introduce Bloom foam technology at Native Shoes. We welcome a new generation of shoe manufacturing with this alternative, high-performance foam that is not only Earth-friendly but truly Earth-saving. Essentially, a Bloom shoe is created by replacing a percentage of plastic polymer in conventional EVA shoes with repurposed Algae biomass harvested from freshwater sources.

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The beauty in this revolutionary material is its symbiotic two-fold processes, by simultaneously sweeping our lakes and freshwater ecologies of toxic algae buildup, and transforming that waste into an environmentally sound product. It is changing the state of the footwear industry for the greater good, without sacrificing a shoe’s performance standards or quality of components.

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It checks all the boxes for those who want to see sustainability, durability, and everyday comfort in one footwear. Did you know that an algae harvest for one pair of Bloom shoes restores 80 liters of filtered water right back into the environment? That is equivalent to 3 months of water consumption for one person. Did you know that the same manufacturing process also prevents 15 balloons worth of CO2 from entering and causing harm to our atmosphere? Bloom foam is another step in the right direction to reduce our carbon footprint on the world.

We are the first and only to introduce an entire shoe from upper to outsole, engineered with Bloom’s innovative algae-based material.

How does it work? Specially engineered water tanks filter up to 175 gallons of algae-polluted water per minute through its mechanism; while also netting 300 lbs of algae in a single day. Managing the algae epidemic is helping to sustain the wellbeing of marine life and refurbish ecological systems.

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It’s a waste to wellness project that we can proudly stand behind, advocate, and further support with our recycling initiatives such as the Remix Project. Through this program, we are working with the promise that by 2023, all of the Native Shoes will be 100% lifecycle managed.

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