The Internet Is Wondering Whether Tom Cruise’s Butt Is Fake

Ah, bless the internet. The world wide web has its ways of making the most random things trend. Take Tom Cruise’s 2008 movie “Valkyrie”, for instance. It’s been nine years since the film came out, yet everyone is suddenly talking about it. Why, you might ask? Well, you may want to refer to Twitter on this.

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Twitter handle @iluvbutts247 just tweeted a photo of Tom Cruise’s backside in one particular scene of the film, pointing out that it looked rather more Kardashian-like in its proportions.

Why would Tom Cruise be wearing a fake butt??

Some Twitter users have pointed out that the actor may be wearing a sort of “butt pad” to cushion his booty during particularly challenging stunts. However, it’s also been noted that in this particular scene, Tom falls on his face.

Do you think Tom was wearing a fake butt or not?

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