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Where do you find Hope? Whether it is somewhere around the world, something you love to do, or in someone you love, The Hope Project promotes this hope until it makes a difference in the lives of others or as the saying goes – “To hope until hope creates.”

This August, we are celebrating our 2nd anniversary in a weeklong event entitled THP Week 2016: Hope Around the World from August 15 to 20, 2016 at the College of Arts and Sciences, University of the Philippines, Manila (August 15 to 19; 8:30 am to 5:00 pm) as well as the Mind Museum, Taguig City (August 20; 12:00 nn to 5:00 pm). To give back to the community that has supported us in the past years, as well as to celebrate life and hope for the kids whom we continue to serve, we are inviting the UP Manila community to join us in celebrating this special event.

Go on an adventure, and explore with us as we spread Hope Around the World through various activities and booths found in the campus! With the help of the Atlas of Hope, you can visit six different Islands: Hope City (Monday), Treasure Island (Tuesday), Imagination Island (Wednesday), THPeep Village (Thursday), Dream Land (Friday) and Adventure Island* (Saturday). Each day holds a new adventure from food booths and t-shirt selling to special talks, dance mobs, and more activities open to members and non-members.

Book your next trip with The Hope Project this August! These activities will include an interactive exhibit, t-shirt selling, Exploring skills talks series, THPeep Night Out (member activity), donation boxes and food booths, a balloon show for the kids at the Cancer Institute, hospital visits at our partner hospitals open to all UPM students, and finally, a culminating activity at the Mind Museum (members activity).

These activities each have a role to play in our advocacy, mostly in spreading awareness of the who, what, and why of the organization.  First, the event seeks to tell the THP story — how it came about, whom it serves, where it has gone in the last two years. Second, it aims to refuel our members with the passion that they have for volunteerism, for the kids, and the advocacy as well as inspire others to join the family. Lastly, THP Week 2016 is for the kids– to bring about a greater awareness of the adventure, happiness, and hope that comes with our advocacy.

Thus, we aim to re-fuel our members, to give back to our beneficiaries, and to spread awareness, and inspire more members of the UP Manila community to become part of our family with a greater sense of volunteerism, imagination, hope, and adventure as we enter the new academic year.


As a university organization that focuses on volunteerism, happiness, and hope, The Hope Project (also known as THP) is a non-profit organization in the University of the Philippines, Manila that aims to promote and ensure the normal growth of a child confined in the hospital setting as well as to provide psychosocial support and charitable aid for pediatric patients with chronic illnesses. THP envisions and aims to turn commiseration into action by forming its members holistically through member formations, project involvements and hospital volunteerism. They organize various on- and off-campus advocacy and, finance projects, member formation activities, as well as hospital visits to the Philippine General Hospital’s pediatric ward, Bahay Aruga, Cancer Institute, and more to fulfill their mission as an organization. Guided by this, The Hope Project aspires to equip its volunteers with the knowledge needed to achieve the goal of THP and to mold them into compassionate and dedicated people of action.


Make sure to catch more announcements on venues and activities for THP Week 2016 and updates on future events by visiting and liking our Facebook page, The Hope Project.

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