The Hidden Heroes Project: Ensuring the Health and Safety of Garbage Collectors amid the Continued Threat of COVID-19

The world is facing a pandemic where millions are affected. 

One of them is our garbage collectors, which are one of the vulnerable sectors in our community. Since they work on collecting our garbage which may be composed of masks and face shields that are used to protect us from the virus. 

The Hidden Heroes Project QR

DGY Academy is an online personal development consultancy company, founded by Strength & Conditioning Coach Paulo Agir, based in Manila. Since April 2020, It has been hosting free webinars every weekend with a specific theme each month. It featured topics on Nutrition, Mental Health, Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship, among others. 


DGY Academy will further what it has started on empowering families of garbage collectors in partnership with Leonel Waste Management Corporation, by providing them the right equipment they need to protect themselves from the threat of COVID-19.


On September 4-5 at 6 in the evening, we will be launching our project entitled The Hidden Heroes Project: Ensuring the Health and Safety of Garbage Collectors amid the Continued Threat of COVID-19. There will be two (2) activities for this project. First, we will conduct a Webinar Series on the 8 Pillars of Wellness together with our speakers, Strength and Conditioning coach Luis Torres, Entrepreneur Marco Katigbak, Financial Planner Jerica David and Learning Designer Em 


Villanueva. On this series we will focus on these Pillars: Physical Pillar, Occupational Pillar, and Financial Pillar. The investment fee for the event is Php 600 for Students and Php 1,200 for Professionals. The proceeds of the fundraiser will be used for the PPE’s, facemasks, face shields, and other important needs of our dear garbage collectors. 


Second, we will conduct a donation drive in partnership with Canva Philippines. The objective of this is to provide more aid to the garbage collectors to ensure their health  and safety as they work relentlessly to protect public health by disposing of infectious wastes generated during the pandemic.

To donate in cash or in-kind, please contact Paulo Agir, Founder of DGY Academy, at 09563054874 or email us at, or message us on Facebook