The Hearty Onion Offers Delicious Dishes and Fancy Catering Setups Ideal for Intimate Celebrations

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Nothing beats intimate gatherings with friends and loved ones. As a way of expressing appreciation to my fellow writers, I organized a very intimate lunch event for them a few weeks ago. =)

I really wanted to cook for them. If only I had the luxury of time to cook and prepare themed set-ups at home to entertain guests, I’d do it myself but since I don’t have anyone to help me cook and prepare a setup, I had to search for a reliable yet affordable caterer who can get the job done. I wanted to impress my friends of course because they also happen to be our top foodies in the team. =)

I was very fortunate to find The Hearty Onion which was recommended by another friend.  I was given a very nice rate for both the food and setup so I’ve decided to give it a try!

Our intimate party went so well that I just had to write about our wonderful experience!

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When we entered the room, we couldn’t help but adore the shabby chic colorful setup prepared by the Hearty Onion team. We had only a table for 7 and it was arranged so nicely. They even made bags of fried sweet potatoes and hung them right at the middle of our table making the whole setup look so alive and festive! 

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Sweet potato chips with the logo! Naks! hihihi


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I could never forget that look of excitement when my guests saw our buffet table upon their arrival! Everyone just couldn’t wait to start! For this intimate gathering, we chose a hefty selection of highly recommended dishes by Chef Eunice!

Let’s have a closer look:

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Mac, Ham & 3 Cheeses (Smokey Cheddar, Mozzarella & Parmessan) P1,200 (serves 12-15): If you’re the type who couldn’t survive without cheese, then here’s a dish that’s truly satisfying. This dish is like something your mom or grannie would cook during Sunday gatherings. Expect an overload of cheesy goodness!  Highly recommended if your guests are bringing their kids! 


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Hearty Onion Signature Pot Pie P1,400 (serves 12-15): I died and resurrected a couple of times because of this! Loved the texture of the crust although I find it to be sort of sweet (maybe it’s just me. hihi). Definitely a hearty and comforting dish!


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Pandan-Wrapped Salmon w/ Sweet Sesame Sauce P2,000 (serves 12-15): I may  not be a fan of cooked salmon but this dish balanced out  our  menu that day. Loved the freshness of the salmon with a notable  Sweet Asian flavor. 

Hearty Onion Mae Ilagan Jo Arce-8Braised Beef in Onion Mushroom Gravy P1,900 (serves 12-15):  My guests raved about this a lot as it was super tender and delicious! Highly recommend with loads of rice! hihihi

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And now, the star of the show… A full sized (around 4 kgs) Boneless Lechon Belly which was flown all the way from Cebu!


We had the regular one but they also made us taste the spicy version….

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Boneless Lechon Belly (regular):  We adored its crispy skin so much, that it all disappeared in less than 5 mins! lols I could tell that they used superior quality pork. Juicy, tasty and highly aromatic! Absolutely no sauce needed! Flown all the way from Cebu making it truly authentic!

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Boneless Lechon Belly (spicy) P3,500: By the looks of it, it’s obvious that this version is really spicy!  If you enjoy your Lechon with a spicy kick, then this is perfect for you.  I wouldn’t recommend this though if you got kids around, as the spicy flavors can be quite intense. I recommend this for drinking parties!

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Here’s a closer look at their Spicy Boneless Lechon Belly…….

Filled with nothing but authentic Cebu flavors and spices! No wonder it’s so flavorful and aromatic!



A peek at our table….. hihihihi Hearty Onion Mae Ilagan Jo Arce-22


Our intimate lunch date was a sure success thanks to The Hearty Onion!  I can’t wait to host more parties with them!

Before, I would spend hours planning, buying, preparing and cooking, not to mention even setting-up the table… it was fun but the reality is, hosting such gatherings can be really stressful specially when you’re expecting lots of guests, so I believe getting me a very reliable caterer like The Hearty Onion has saved me with loads of stress and work. Now, I can enjoy more quality fun time for me and my loved ones! =)

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So when in Manila and hosting a party soon, I highly recommend The Hearty Onion



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Hearty Onion Mae Ilagan Jo Arce-25Meet The Hearty Onion team! Great to finally meet you Chef Eunice and your super friendly staff!


The Hearty Onion Offers Delicious Dishes and Fancy Catering Setups Ideal for Intimate Celebrations