The Halal Guys Philippines Now Open in SM Megamall!

When in Manila, make sure to visit The Halal Guys in SM Megamall which just opened this October. The Halal Guys, commonly known as Chicken and Rice or 53rd and 6th, is a world famous halal gyros food cart on the south-east corner of 53rd Street and 6th Avenue in Manhattan, New York City. The Halal Guys story is the quintessential American Dream as it began in 1990, when Egyptian immigrants Muhammed Abouelenein, Ahmed Elsaka, and Abdelbaset Elsayed opened up a hot dog cart on 53rd street. As the business grew, they recognized a burgeoning demand from Muslim cab drivers looking for a cheap halal meal. That was when their famous platter of chicken and gyro over basmati rice was born!

Fast forward to 2015, The Halal Guys now have five carts, two New York City restaurants, and millions of customers served with 200 branches in development around the world. The Philippines is at the forefront of their expansion and we are proud to announce that the very first international branch of The Halal Guys opened at the SM Megamall by Jaime and Chris Daez of Fully Booked as the Philippine Master Franchisees.

Halal Guys SM Megamall

The menu offering is practically the same as in New York, except for an option for the smaller size serving suitable for an average petite Filipino woman. The New York size is the regular serving size in New York and could satisfy 2 hungry Filipinos! The lines may be long, but this really is not a surprise. New Yorkers usually have to wait an hour before being served.

But is the Philippine franchise worth the wait too? We would have to say, emphatically, YES! The authenticity is guaranteed with the quality of ingredients. The staff is fully trained by the New York team.

Halal Guys Gyro CarvingHalal Guys Gyro Carving

Let’s dig into the ingredients. The Halal Beef is directly imported from their sole supplier in Chicago which also supplies their New York outlets. The best selling grilled chicken is sourced locally but is seasoned to NY standards. The main difference between between New York and Manila and our only gripe is the rice grain as they shifted from basmati to jasmine which is easier to cook but lacks the fluffiness.

Halal Guys is the first restaurant to be certified by the Halal Development Institute of the Philippines. The food must come from a supplier that uses halal practices.

***Halal Guys Chicken and Gyro Combo Over Rice New York Size - PHP 469 Halal Guys Chicken and Gyro Combo Over Rice New York Size – PHP 469

The must order signature dish at Halal Guys is their platter of chicken and gyro meat with rice which is smothered in their proprietary white sauce–a mixture of mayo, yoghurt, tahini, and spices. Make sure you order the New York size as you will not want to line up again if it happens to be insufficient! The gyro is perfectly seasoned with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors–tender and is sure to leave you craving more.

While we found the chicken a bit dry, it had a unique texture and was flavorful in combination with their white sauce. To take this sloppingly good dish to the next level, add their potent hot sauce. A word of warning, though: it is not for the faint of heart! Your heart will noticeably beat faster and your head will itch as it starts to steam.

Halal Guys Gyro Sandwich Small - PHP 225Halal Guys Gyro Sandwich Small – PHP 225

We also had their gyro in Pita, but we found the Pita thick and not toasted well enough. Stick to the rice combinations as this is what Halal Guys are known for. Their falafels are not very creamy but are still nicely packed with flavor. The hummus, on the other hand, was only good enough for takeout.

Halal Guys Line

So what are you waiting for? Get to the SM Megamall Mega Food Hall to experience one of the fastest growing food brands in the world! The best part is you no longer have to travel 13,000 kilometers to have an authentic American Halal experience.


The Halal Guys Philippines

5th level SM Mega Food Hall, SM Megamall Mega Fashion Hall
Metro Manila Philippines
Tel: +632 941-4158