The Good Trade: A Zero-Waste and Sustainable Fair

If you’re looking for a place to snap up all the essentials you need to jumpstart a conscious lifestyle, we’ve gathered purpose-driven brands that can help you make an impact. Whether you’re looking for refillable items and tools to aid the transition to zero waste, curate an ethical capsule wardrobe, or switch to a vegan skin care routine – we’ve got you covered.

Inspired by people who stay in style while saving the earth (and humanity!), The Good Trade has compiled something of an ode to Mother Nature. Dropping some names we got:

  1. Sip PH, Frank Green, How Toteful – Zero Waste Tools
  2. Ritual – Refillable Stations
  3. Humble Market – Bulk Food
  4. Alpas Pet Accessories – Cause-driven brands
  5. Pulseras by Kim and Candid Clothing – Ethical Fashion
  6. Zero Basics – Cruelty-free

What’s more? We have repair stations for those items you cherish and recycling partners for those you need to dispose of.

  • Alteration + Basic sewing
  • Street Store (Old Clothes, Toys & Other reusable items)
  • Refresh (Bottles/Glass jars)
  • Other Recyclables (Paper + Ink Cartridges)

Free admission to Talks + Demos: Practical tips and step-by-step guides on how to do the hard things right. So what do you want to start changing?

Schedule + List of merchants:

Full details: GF Central Square, BGC | July 21 (11am-11pm) and July 22 (11am-10pm)

About the host

In The Good Trade, we believe that we can live a life that’s good and does good! We made it our mission to gather brands with the same philosophy so that YOU can make ethical and zero waste purchases without fuss.

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