The Good Tapa: A Fresh Spin to the Ubiquitous Tapsilog

Fried or regular rice, a well-cooked sunny side up egg, and yummy beef marinated to perfection comprise the two supreme items in The Good Tapa’s menu.


Only a few exceptional twenty-three year olds can think of a viable business idea in the midst of a personal crisis. But that’s precisely what food lovers Monique Ventura and Geremy Kho managed to do after getting mugged in Kamuning during one of their hole in the wall food trips some years back. Traumatized by the experience but fuelled with the determination to serve a unique dining experience, they formulated their own menu for others to safely enjoy.


Their partnership in business and in love is really something we can consider as authentic #relationshipgoals. Geremy and Monique spent their courtship cooking breakfast for each other and waking at 5am regulary just to do so. Geremy took Monique on frequent food trips anywhere in the Metro and after the unfortunate incident where they lost all of their things, they were compelled to express their love for food in another way.


This partnership and turn of events eventually gave birth to a very new and yummy take to our Filipino favorite dish— tapsilog. As certified tapsilog fans who used to frequent even shady places just to get their tapsi fix, this young couple managed to transform their painful night food trip experience into a gastronomic delight worth checking out.


They call it the good tapa precisely for the reason that it truly tastes heavenly and you can enjoy it from the safe comforts of your home. They deliver to selected areas in Metro Manila or you can arrange to pick it up directly from their office in Greenhills area. They do not have a brick and mortar store just yet, but they are frequently found in food bazaars in the metro as well.


The Good Tapa’s tapsilog borders on the salty variety, although they also have plans to introduce a sweeter blend in the future for other customers who prefer a sweeter version of their tapsilog. Salty with a hint of the taste of sesame oil, The Good Tapa’s tapsilog is really pleasant to the taste buds and leaves a memorable experience for your tummy. It’s comfort food at its finest!


Monique and Geremy’s other gastronomic piece de resistance under The Good Tapa menu is the beef salpicao meal. The warm bits of beef are so well-done. The best part is that the beef does not get stuck in between your teeth the way they do with other tapsilog or beef salpicao servings in other places. You don’t need that kind of thing to hamper your enjoyment of your meal.


In addition to the beef salpicao and tapsilog meals, they also have seven variants of The Good Tapa sauce. These are made from organic ingredients and are free of preservatives. The shelf life is around 2 months and the concentrated mix allows you to use it for your cooking needs many times.


The Good Tapa, just like Monique and Geremy’s partnership, is truly a winner and a force to be reckoned with.

The Good Tapa

Rm408 Henrys Building 80 Ortigas Ave. Greenhills San Juan
For Orders/Deliveries: 09175226892 (Viber or SMS)
Facebook: TheGoodTapa
Instagram: thegoodtapa


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