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When in Manila , gone are the days that you have a hard time finding imported products that you want. Manila now has a vast range of stores and products that sell imported products. Aside from travelling to the actual place of where the product is available, you can also just have a friend residing in that country to buy and ship to you OR (the best option) SHOP ONLINE! 

It’s true that imported food is readily available in our local grocery stores ( they have one section for it) but it’s still not enough, thus comes Bennett and Palmer to save the day! 

I’ve recently discovered the wonderful products of Bennett and Palmer through Anton Diaz’s blog as I was desperately searching for Hello 5 Coffee‘s gift set. 

Bennett and Palmer  (1)

 Would you believe that this gift set (the mug’s mine) is only around 500 Php? It’s an amazing present for your coffee-lover friends!


I’ve just discovered how Vietnam coffee tastes and I’m already loving it! Hello 5 Organic Coffee is comprised of Arabica and Culi Buon Me Thuot coffee beans from the famous basaltic area, all grown to the same size and selected carefully, matching the Vietnamese traditional way of roasting and grinding. It’s not too strong, and since Hello 5’s phin filter is part of the gift set, making drip coffee at home is now easier. Just add hot water and wait for 1-2 mins. and voila! Drink it straight up, black, or add sugar and cream to taste. 



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 Drip coffee in an instant!


Of course, if you have coffee you also have tea, right? They say there are two kinds of people in this world (based on their morning drink), those who prefer coffee and those who prefer tea. Which one are you? At the age of 22, I’m more of a coffee drinker but I still drink tea at night to “clean” my body and calm my senses.


Bennett and Palmer  (5)

 Koala Teas: No Worries Tea and Cleanse Tea



Bennett and Palmer has imported the best calming tea I’ve ever tasted (no need to add sugar, swear). It’s from Australia and it’s covered in Koalas! Just look at the packaging! This is a good tonic when too many things are happening and you’re beginning to feel frazzled. Just take a little time out to make a cuppa. You’ll soon feel that you’re on top of it all again.


Bennett and Palmer  (7)

 No Worries tea has lemon grass, lemon balm, roasted chicory root and mint



For those who need a cleansing tea, Koala Tea’s Cleanse tea is the one for you.  This is a classic combination that protects the liver against toxins and help keep the digestion clean and smooth. Nettles are full of minerals and vitamins. Caffeine free. It’s perfect for those trying to lose those extra pounds! If you have detox teas and cleansing teas such as this plus a balanced diet and regular exercise, you’re good to go.


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 Koala Tea’s Cleanse Tea contains St Mary’s thistle, rhubarb root, chicory, burdock and nettle.



Read on for more imported products available in Bennett and Palmer’s store!


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