The Fourth PharmacoMedia Summit: Re:Informed

The PharmacoMedia Summit is an event merging the concepts of the pharmacy profession and professional healthcare and the influence of various media and technological platforms. 

With UndeRxposed as its first installment, the summit highlighted the significance of personal branding and aesthetic in the profession. Its second installment, Undistorted, dared to reevaluate the pharmacists’ and the healthcare team’s comprehension of ethical pharmaceutical promotion and encouraged the use of media platforms for health campaigns. Lastly, its third installment, Uncensored, was able to shed light on adequate health information and utilization of data management.

Main Pub

Following this trilogy, the 4th PharmacoMedia Summit with the theme Re:Informed aims to explore how media and technology can be utilized by pharmacists and other healthcare professionals to convey timely, relevant, and accurate health information and to provide health services that are accessible and patient-centered with the goal of improving the patient experience. The summit will also discuss the application of media in patient education and telehealth, as well as teach strategies to handle medical misinformation. 

Health professionals well-versed in these topics will be invited to facilitate the summit. The 4th PharmacoMedia Summit: Re:Informed will be held on November 23, 2019 (Saturday), 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM at the Emilio T. Yap Auditorium, Valenzuela Hall, University of the Philippines Manila.