The Force Projection: 2nd General Assembly of LETRAN ICOMM’S “The Media Works”


The premiere communication organization of Colegio de San Juan de Letran – Manila & Institute of Communication (iComm), The Media Works, set its eyes beyond its borders this school year by launching FORCE PROJECTION: The Media Works General Assembly held last Monday, July 18 at the Letran Student Center Auditorium in Intramuros.

Donning a military theme for the launch, The Media Works team aims for a deeper integration into more school events, benefitting not just its Communication populace, but rendering their services to the rest of the Letran community as well. The General Assembly is The Media Works’s effort every beginning of the school year to brief its members of the upcoming events and activities the organization has in store for the rest of the school year. It is also their way of introducing the individual officers that make up the team in an effort to create a more welcoming atmosphere for the members.


Welcoming speeches were given by the Director of the Institute of Communication (ICOMM), Asst. Prof. Norberto D. Bana III, Media Works’s organizational adviser, Ms. Irish Santos-Lorenzo. Additional information regarding school events were provided to the students by Media Works’s current president, Andrea Jeohanna Velasco, and her vice-president, Angela Maria Arreglado. Also in attendance were Prof. Odelon Gines, a member of the ICOMM faculty, and Ms. Jillian Garcia from the Office of Student Welfare and Development (OSWD), who provided a lecture on the importance of abiding by school policies. Capping off the event were closing remarks by the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS), Asst. Prof. Darwin Rungduin, Ph.D.


The theme varies from year to year, and for this year, the theme was a military-inspired one with the tagline “Force Projection.” This phrase, which is essentially defined as the ability to exert power beyond borders, is a reflection of what The Media Works hopes to achieve with its projects. This implies that the organization wants to render and lend its services to other sectors of the institution, not constricting itself to being an exclusively Communication-only organization. The Media Works aims to create major impacts on institutional events and needs, while never forgetting its base audience, the Communication majors.

The Media Works, the Communication organization of Letran, was not always a standalone sector. Up until last year, ICOMM had the Letran Integrated Media Organization (LIMO), a student org that comprises three of the four programs of iComm: Communication, Journalism, and Broadcasting. The fourth program, Advertising, had their own standalone organization, Blank Canvas, which was a separate entity from LIMO at the time. Last year, to give individual programs greater control over their members, ICOMM decided to deconstruct LIMO and form four separate organizations essentially following the lead of Blank Canvas. Thus, The Media Works was born for Communication majors in 2015. Ever since its inception, The Media Works has proved to be an essential service provider for school events, specializing in productions and event organizing. Because of the organization’s exceptional service, the institution has continually recognized the effort and quality of The Media Works, which continues to provide a very enriching experience for their Communication-major members as well as other students from other programs, even lending their skills to faculty and school administrators from time to time as needed.

The Media Works is well known for their ability to produce engaging programs, capabilities to work under pressure, and approach-ability because of the many skills and services they provide. The organization has achieved great success in its initial year, and hopes to achieve more in its second year.

For further information, follow Media Works on Facebook ( as well as on Twitter and Instagram (@TheMediaWorks).

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