The Food Bin: Bringing Trader Joe’s to Manila *Giveaway Close*

WHEN IN MANILA, Trader Joe became a household name due to the sudden popularity of the Cookie Butter. When I first tasted the Cookie Butter, like most Filipinos, I fell in love. (You can read about my love for the Cookie Butter here.) But apart from the famous Cookie Butter, Trader Joe offers a whole lot of goodies that are worth all the rage too!

While driving along the busy road of Katipunan, The Food Bin caught my eye. Thinking that it was another restaurant along Katipunan, I was surprised in a good way when I found out that The Food Bin houses different kinds of goodies from all over the world and goodies from Trader Joe’s is one of them.



In Manila, we are used to munching on chips for snacks.   But too much chips can be bad for our health. With The Food Bin, you can get a hold of  Trader Joe’s Everything Bagel that promises the same goodness of chips minus the health risks that comes along with it.






(Php 250)

I love the slight saltiness of Trader Joe’s Everything Bagel. You can either slather on Trader Joe’s famous Cookie Butter, use any other spread you have at home, or snack on it alone. Either way, you’re bound to be addicted to this bagel chips.







I am deeply fascinated with Trader Joe’s Sea Salt and Pepper Crisps. I am downright addicted to potato chips, but this healthier option from Trader Joe’s is equally or maybe even better than that of the potato chips.





(Php 250)

Unlike the usual potato chips, these crisps are made of rice, less salty, but equally satisfying nonetheless. This is the perfect and healthier substitute for any junk food.



 Oftentimes people pit the junk food aficionados against the health conscious people. While the former can snack on junk foods all day long, the latter prefer to snack on dried fruits. Despite the common belief that junk food lovers and health conscious people cannot and will not get along, I’d like to think that there is a middle ground. And Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Powerberries is exactly the buffer that they need!



(Php 450)

The Food Bin also brought in my opinion, one of the genius creations of Trader Joe’s, the Dark Chocolate Powerberries. It’s the perfect treat for indulging oneself without feeling guilty because of the healthy mixed berry fruit juices found inside every chocolate ball.

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