The Focus Time Productivity Technique: How to Do It and Where to Find the Best Timers for You

Often seen on the workspaces of those who take their productivity seriously is a tiny clock or timer—and it’s not only there for display. What they are are “focus timers,” a tool that helps people manage their time better, prevents them from getting side-tracked amid a task, and encourages them to focus before a scheduled break.

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Focus timers?

Yes, focus timers are similar to kitchen timers in that you “time” yourself when doing a specific task, whether it’s 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or 25 minutes. The reason why it encourages deep focus is that you are aware that there is a foreseeable end to whatever you’re doing before the time begins for another quick task or rest, and then the time begins again for you to jump back into the previous work.

This strategy is often helpful for people to get through hours of work without feeling burned out because each task is blocked by a duration of time or split up for you to tackle them much more easily.

It lessens distractions too because you are aware that there is allotted time to scroll through your social media feeds or grab a snack or even rest your eyes.

How to use focus timers

The length of time you spend for each task on your to-do list will depend on you, but here is the general technique (called the “Pomodoro,” created by university student Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s) on how to make the most out of your daily schedule.

  1. Set your timer for 25 minutes and focus on a single task until the timer rings.
  2. Take a 5-minute break.
  3. Repeat the same thing. After four cycles, take a much longer break of 15 to 30 minutes.

It’s important to note that you should break down complex tasks into smaller, actionable steps before starting. Small tasks that can be done within minutes also go together, such as setting appointments, paying bills, etc.

Where to find focus timers

Convinced that you can now work smarter with the help of a focus timer? Here are just a few we found on Shopee!

1. Visual Timer

01 interval timer

This minimalist visual countdown timer is aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. As time goes, the color disappears in a clockwise direction. It doesn’t tick at all either so you can focus on your work without any noise distraction. BUY it here!

2. Cute Animal Timer

02 animal timer

If you’re the type who likes their things looking adorable, these cute animal timers are for you! Choose among the many designs available, such as a dog, a reindeer, a bear, or a wolf. BUY it here!

3. BT21 Study Timer

04 bt21 timer

A proud ARMY? Then add this cute BT21 study timer to your collection of BTS goods! There are unique designs for each BT21 character too, so flaunt your bias on your desk while you work! BUY it here while it’s at 58% off!

4. Push Button Study Timer

03 push button timer

This timer stands out for its huge button at the top which you can conveniently press to start/stop the time. What’s great about it is that it blinks red when the time has run out but doesn’t sound a jarring alarm that would throw you off or disturb other people you may be working with. BUY it here!

5. Square Button Timer

05 square timer

Just like the previous timer, this one has a square button at the top for you to push when you want to start or stop the timer. Its compact size and its ease-of-use makes this timer great to bring anywhere you go! BUY it here!

6. Cube Timer

06 study cube

This cube timer is quite unique because instead of you setting the time, all you need to do is to flip the cube around. Time automatically starts once you’ve flipped it and it also includes a tiny digital screen so you can clearly see the countdown in real-time. It has a two-level alarm sound which can be adjusted as well as its volume. BUY it here while it’s at 21% off!

7. Magnetic Dial Timer

07 baseus magnetic timer

This sleek magnetic timer by Baseus can stand on your desk or be stuck on any steel or magnetic surface. It’s easy to set up with it’s dial feature in place of the usual buttons in other timers. Simply turn the knob to set your desired countdown time. It also has a switch at the back to control the volume of the alarm! BUY it here while it’s at 50% off!

8. Pomodoro Cubic Timer

08 veger tick tock timer

This timer is made exactly for the Pomodoro productivity technique and allows you to set the time exactly as you want. Four sides indicate specific times—namely, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 15 minutes—and one side with a button that allows you to multiply your chosen time duration by 2, 3, 4, or 5. As it is a cube timer, you just simply have to flip it around to start your countdown. BUY it here while it’s at 49% off!

9. Flip Square Timer

09 flip square timer

This timer has a four-sided flip display with the following features: a clock, a DIY custom set timer, 5-minute timer, and 25-minute timer. Because of this, it becomes an easy-to-use product for those who are just trying out the Pomodoro technique. All timers are started and paused by merely shaking the clock, and alarms can be adjusted based on how badly you want it to catch your attention. BUY it here!

Find productivity items to add to your cart on Shopee!

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