The First Trailer of Will & Grace’s New Season is Here and We Can’t Deal

The First Trailer of Will & Grace's New Season is Here and We Can't Deal

When we first heard the rumors of Will & Grace reuniting for a new season, we didn’t believe it. After all, the sitcom closed in 2006, wrapping the lives of Will Truman and Grace Adler, and their friends Karen Walker and Jack McFarland. The cast briefly reunited for a 10 minute election special last year, but it’s true: the cast is returning for one more season, and the trailer is out!

Watch the trailer of the Will & Grace reunion season below:

Will and Grace aired from 1998 to 2006, and followed Will Truman (Eric McCormack), a gay lawyer living with his interior designer best friend Grace Adler (Debra Messing). Together, they navigated life in New York and examined their career, friendships, and relationships. They are accompanied by Jack McFarland (Sean Hayes), a flamboyant gay man who constantly changes partners and jobs, and Karen Walker (Megan Mullaly), a multi-millionaire socialite who does secretarial work for Adler.

The show has been critically acclaimed, winning 16 of the 83 Emmy nominations it has received. Will and Grace is one of three sitcoms where all leads received an Emmy Award. The show’s cultural impact is also undeniable, with then US Vice President Joe Biden saying that the show “probably did more to educate the American public” on LGBT issues “than almost anything anybody has ever done so far.”

The new season will have 10 episodes, but there’s no word when it will air.

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