The First Trailer of the “The Crown” Season Two is Here!

The Crown Netflix

One of the most groundbreaking Netflix series of 2016 was The Crown, which told the story of the United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II, the longest currently reigning monarch and head of state in the world (she became queen in 1952). The series was praised for offering an inside look into the life of the intensely-private queen, as well as for its lavish production. The series has already been called the most expensive series to produce.

The first season was streamed on Netflix on November 4, 2016, and we’re getting our first look at the second season, which is due to come out on December 8, 2017.

Watch the trailer of The Crown‘s second season below:

The trailer confirms reports that the second season will focus on the Queen’s marriage to Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. Historically, the Duke has earned a reputation for being a ladies man and for his risque remarks.

Apart from their rocky marriage, the second season will also touch on Princess Margaret’s love life. According to show creator Peter Morgan, “Vanessa [Kirby, the actress who plays the princess] explodes this season. We always knew she was a great actress, but she explodes.”

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