The First Trailer of “Blade Runner 2049” is Here and Every Frame is Gorgeous

The First Trailer of Blade Runner 2049 is Here and Every Frame is Gorgeous

One of the most anticipated movies of the year is Blade Runner 2049, the sequel to the 1982 cult film Blade Runner. The sequel follows Ryan Gosling as LAPD Officer K, a blade runner tasked to stop a plan to end humanity. He gets help from Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard, the blade runner from the original film who went into hiding. Since the original film’s release, it has been considered by many to be one of the greatest science fiction films of all time.

One of the strengths of the first Blade Runner is its stunning visuals. The trailer for the sequel was just released, and it follows the breathtaking cinematography from its source material.

Watch the full-length trailer of Blade Runner 2049 below:

The trailer doesn’t reveal much, but fans quickly took note of one theme that appeared in the first film. Jared Leto plays a new version of Dr. Tyrell, a man who invented Replicants, or humanoids utilized for dangerous or menial work on off-world colonies. Apart from that, everything else is a mystery. But the trailer is gorgeous and every frame is perfect.

Blade Runner 2049 is directed by Denis Villenueve and opens October 6.

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