The First Ever Major Plant Swap in Manila 2019

Green CAMP Philippines, an environmental conservation organization in the Philippines is set to conduct the first-ever major plant swap in Manila on November 10, 2019 dubbed as Plant Swap Manila 2019 which will be held at Warehouse Eight in Makati, to raise funds to help feed undernourished school children under GOPALAKAS — the supplemental plant-based diet feeding program of SIFCARE, a humanitarian socio-civic organization.

The plant swap is open to all plant lovers, plant enthusiast, plant parents, and green thumbs or just starting to be in this plant lover’s movement, where they can trade in their pest-free plants, either bare root or potted to get another plant species, brought in by other participants.

This initiative has been conducted in various parts of the world for plant lovers to participate in a sharing community and build network among each other.

Plant Swap Manila 2019 will also feature panel discussion on plant care and an opportunity to connect and create a community among plant lovers across Manila and even beyond.

The initiative aims to promote organic urban gardening and responsible care for plants and the planet.

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