The First-Ever Gunpla Expo Is Finally In The Philippines!

Pinoy Gundam fans have something to rejoice about: The Gunpla Expo World Tour is FINALLY coming to Manila this 2017!

Gunpla Expo flyer

The Gunpla Expo is the official Gundam extravaganza by Bandai for fans around the world: various Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Malaysia hold the expo every year to thousands of Gundam enthusiasts! And now, the biggest Gundam event of the year is finally in the Philippines!


The 1st Philippine Gunpla Expo will feature exciting limited-edition items, as well as new releases: Pinoy fans can even take a look at the new RG Build Strike Gundam Full Package! 


Gundam enthusiasts can also take a selfie with the 3-meter RX-78-2 statue at the event.


Gunpla also celebrates its first-ever expo in the Philippines with Pinoy versions of Beargguy!

Fans can also catch an exhibit of MG masterpieces, built by the best Pinoy Gundam modelers. You can vote for your favorite MG model, where you can win a Gundam gift pack!

There will also be raffles throughout the event, where you can win cool Gundam items, and of course, a Gundam showcase.

Those are just some of the exciting things happening at the Gunpla Expo 2017. And the best part is it’s FREE ADMISSION! Check out more of the exciting things to look forward to at the Gunpla Expo!

The 1st Philippine Gunpla Expo will be held at the Main Mall Atrium at SM Mall of Asia, from February 25-March 5.

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