The First 3Zero Forum will Take Place in the Philippines on October

Gawad Kalinga has partnered with ACTED and Convergences to bring the vision of a “3Zero”  world to life.  Closely aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United  Nations, the goals of Zero Carbon, Zero Exclusion and Zero Poverty lend simplicity and ease of  appreciation for all of the 17 SDGs. Achieving the Global Goals requires a concerted  mobilization of all actors namely international and local development agencies, national  governments and local authorities, academic partners, NGOs and foundations, the corporate  sector, and citizens themselves. Therefore, a platform for dialogue and collaboration is  necessary to bring all these players together.   

3Zero Forum

Aptly titled “Building A Cross-sector Convergence towards 3Zero goals”, the forum will be a  venue to present the 3Zero Global Alliance and to solidify the collaboration between all  stakeholders in the sustainable and inclusive development agenda. There will be 4 plenary  discussions and 10 breakout sessions, bringing together hundreds of participants from the  government, private and socio-civic sector.  The forum will happen virtually over the course of  two whole days, with the aim of discussing the most current and pressing challenges on exclusion, climate change and poverty in the Philippines.  Registration is free to make sure that  all change makers can learn, network and collaborate.   

There will be four main plenary sessions that will present the points of view of key opinion  leaders such as heads of government agencies, private corporations, and the academe.  While  the breakout sessions are co-constructed with partner organizations to discuss the challenges  and solutions to each zero in-depth.  The participants will be invited to join any of the 3Zero  breakout sessions to enable them to network and collaborate with other groups that share the  same objective.   

The 3Zero Global Alliance will continue to push for innovative solutions after the forum  through project funding support, skills training and knowledge exchange programs to  empower the groups to achieve our vision of a “Zero Carbon, Zero Exclusion and Zero Poverty”  Philippines.  

For more information on 3Zero, visit www.3Zero.org.  

For more information on speakers and the program, please check 

http://bit.ly/3ZeroForum2020  and https://www.facebook.com/3ZeroGlobalAlliance