The Crowdfunding Sessions: Featuring Dissonänce, Tarsius, and More @ Mow’s Bar

The Crowdfunding Sessions: Featuring Dissonänce, Tarsius, Assembly Generals, Sound Architects, and Halina Mow's Bar

The Polaris Project is back with another installment of The Crowdfunding Sessions, a series of gigs featuring local independent bands intended to raise funds for the self-production of their own records.

This time, they’re featuring musical collective Dissonänce and their recently released second single, Exile, which the band describes as “the music that opens the gates of hell”. Playing alongside them are Tarsius, Assembly Generals, Sound Architects, and Halina.

It’s all happening on April 15 at Mow’s Bar, Matalino Street with tickets at P200 with a free drink! RSVP now at!

Dissonänce is a musical collective formed in 2014. It originally started off as a trip-hop duo but eventually grew into a full ensemble that creates dark, multi-genre, otherworldly musical experiences. Exile is the collective’s second single and with the help of The Polaris Project’s Crowdfunding Sessions, Dissonänce is planning to release more of their signature music that will open different portals to the universe. Listen to their music at You can also check them out on social media: Facebook, Instagram @dissonancemusic, and Twitter @DissonanceBand

More about The Polaris Project

The Polaris Project is a collective of art and culture enthusiasts who aim to support young, local artists, entrepreneurs and talented individuals get their work out to the world. They’ve produced events like Tindig, an annual poetry slam, Planet Terror, a multi-platform art horror festival, and #Homegrown, a bazaar featuring local and homegrown brands and shops. Get in touch with them on Facebook, on Twitter @TPP_PH, Instagram @ThePolarisProjectPH, or shoot them an e-mail at

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