The Cranberries Live in Manila: Playing Their Greatest Hits (1989-2012)


The Cranberries Live in Manila playing their Greatest Hits




When The Cranberries perform Live In Manila after more than a decade since their last visit, 90’s kids just cannot miss the opportunity to see the Irish band that made popular some of the most memorable alternative rock anthems of our childhood and adolescence.


I cannot believe that it has been this long. In 1995, I was too young to see them live, furthermore get to the second row and wail my heart out while Dolores looked onto us, beckoning us to sing with her.



 Whether Dolores raised her microphone to the crowd or not, we continued to sing our favorite songs from The Cranberries!


The Cranberries Live in Manila was tagged as their Greatest Hits concert, and the band did not waste time making sure everyone got the picture. Starting off with two of the most recognizable singles from their first album in “Dreams” and “Linger”, followed by one of their singles from “Roses” in “Tomorrow”, it was evident that their musical style remained true to their origins, enduring across the shifting musical preferences of the generations and their own hiatus of roughly six years. The music was raw, with minimal alterations, and Dolores O’Riordan‘s ethereal yet commanding voice danced with the grit of Noel Hogan‘s emphatic strums.


Noel and Mike Hogan 

Brothers Noel and Mike Hogan played flawlessly throughout The Cranberries Greatest Hits concert.


The Cranberries performed a 22-song set that cruised through their six albums in seamless flux. Transitioning between the more upbeat “Just My Imagination” and the hauntingly mellow “Ode To My Family”, then moving through hit after hit in “Analyse”, “When You’re Gone”, and “I Can’t Be With You”, you feel your hair raise with Dolores‘ uncanny ability to course through the complex tones that she sets in her songs. After all these years, it’s still the same timbre, though at times she needed to rest, raising up her microphone for the crowd to sing in her stead. But then that’s the beauty of having so many hits across The Cranberries‘ career: Everyone knew the lyrics and obliged Dolores, singing with all their might even if we cannot do it as well as she does.





After singing “Free To Decide” and “Ridiculous Thoughts”, Dolores threw her towel to my direction. It was a finger’s length away from me when the guy in front snatched it away for his own! Then they closed with “Zombie”, and by this time everyone in the crowd was standing up, belting out the lyrics to this classic.


The crowd went wild when “Zombie” played at The Cranberries Live in Manila!



Everyone was screaming for more, and after the audience’s lengthy and raucous demand, The Cranberries came out to perform three more songs for their encore, capping the night with “Salvation”. It was the perfect song to end the night, especially since no one cared what their neighbor thought when they sang “Ahaha! Ahaha! Ahaha! Ahaha!” repetitively anymore. It was the last hurrah!




The Cranberries Live in Manila did have chinks. For one, I couldn’t understand why they stopped the fans from reaching the barricade. Everyone was hindered at the second row by the security and only those in the front row were able to reach Dolores. O’Riordan is a very dynamic and interactive artist, constantly shaking in her gypsy dance and reaching out to the fans. It was such a shame that only a few were able to have that connection. C’mon, it’s a rock concert! The reserved seating was also puzzling. Beside us was a guy who (I guess) wanted to enjoy his reserved seat, sitting down throughout the night and demanding that we sit down as well because he couldn’t see! Again, THIS IS A ROCK CONCERT!!! As for the Coliseum’s sound system, the bass in front was booming too loudly that it was competing with Dolores‘ voice and the band’s music.



It was unfortunate that only a few were able to get close to The Cranberries because of the (overly) tight security. 


All in all, the minor piss-me-off’s were incomparable to an amazing night of The Cranberries Live in Manila. If this article sounds like a Dolores O’Riordan hero worship, IT IS. Wearing her cowgirl hat and Converse sneakers, the ethereal voice symbolic of tackling heavy-laden issues of war, drugs, and divorce has found new inspiration in her children, relationships, and “Roses”.




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The Cranberries Live in Manila: Playing Their Greatest Hits (1989-2012)


PJ and Portia at Cranberries

PJ, Portia, and myself at The Cranberries Live in Manila