Get Your Fave Top-Rated Local Delicacies from The Commissariat Manila

The Commissariat Manila is the purveyor of the finest goods and delicacies. Its aim is to bring Philippines’ top-rated products made available in Metro Manila. The entrepreneur behind them are siblings Gino Lopez and Monique Lopez Ong who hail from the Visayas. They believe that amazing food should never be kept secret. This should be experienced by all.

The Commissariat Manila began to open its doors during the pandemic season. As more and more households were on locked down, there was a rising need for good food to be made available to people’s homes. The Commissariat Manila was birthed to answer the need to be able to bring in elite goods from Bacolod and make them available in Metro Manila.  

swiss chocolate cake 1

Photo from The Commissariat Manila

One of their sought-after delicacies come from Negrenses homegrown favorites, Felicia’s Pastry Shop. These pastries are from the kitchen of three sisters known as Sony Lacson Cometa, Fely Lacson Montelibano, and Margie Lacson Macasa. Their pastry kitchen was established in the 1970s and continue to be passed on from one generation to the next. They have been whipping masterpieces such as famous Felicia’s Ensaimadas, cheese rolls, Pili Crumble, Almondettes, Turron de Pili, Fruit cake, Chocolate Cake, Sans Rival, Potato Cake and many other favorites. 

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sans rival 5

Photo from The Commissariat Manila

In Bacolod, the good life means good food all the time. Get the Felicia’s Experience where they promise that you will keep coming back for the good life! Most travelers that come to Bacolod are always hand carrying these products and bring the Felicia’s Experience to their home destination. The Commissariat Manila now makes these delectable products available straight to people’s home.

Felicias Cheese Roll

Photo from The Commissariat Manila

These Felicia’s Ensaimadas, cheese rolls, and cookies are handmade to perfection, baked fresh and air freight from Bacolod to Manila every 2 weeks.   

Felicias Ensaimadas with Spanish Tablea

Photo from The Commissariat Manila

Felicia’s has also expanded the distribution of its cake line during this pandemic period by releasing for the first time ever, “Felicia’s Cakes In Cans”, which are available upon demand through The Commissariat Manila.

To know more about the variety of finest goods and delicacies that The Commissariat Manila distributes to Metro Manila, you can visit and order from their website at

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