The Collective in Makati: Good Spirits’ Wine, Dessert, Coffee, and Kamasutra Cake

I swear: the places I discover around the Philippines never cease to amaze me! Thanks to our friends from, we again found another awesometacular place that you should definitely check out!

We visited this hidden wonder: a huge hole-in-the-wall place called “The Collective” in Makati. This very cool and artistic place reminded me of another artsy fartsy place called Cubao X. Of course, The Collective has its own unique style, art, and personality. From costume shops to bicycle refurbishing stores to long board specialists to funky clothing retailers to yummy restaurants to the sweetest dessert boutiques; The Collective is a place with a distinct collection of different types of “fun” that you need to check out!

This week, I got to visit one of the wine / dessert / coffee shops at The Collective called Good Spirits.

Good Spirits is a deli where chocoholics and their non-chocoholic friends can enjoy their desserts with coffee or wine. It’s the perfect place to while away your mornings and afternoons to read a book, study, surf the Internet, or conduct meetings. Evenings are great for wining and dining.

Good Spirits is also rapidly gaining popularity among companies looking for non-conventional sites where they can host corporate events. It is also perfect for holding family/kiddie celebrations and cozy get-togethers.

Eating here is like dining at home with mom and grandma: relaxed, contented and satiated. Who wouldn’t feel that way with a menu that includes the following:

  • home-baked meatloaf with rice and topped with cheese sauce
  • beef sirloin that’s been slowly cooked with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and cream cheese (this is their version of mechado-fusion)
  • Twice-cooked pork belly adobo with lots of garlic (served with rice)
  • Ground pork with tomato and basil sauce and topped with melted cheese (served with rice)
  • Chicken casserole (their version of the chicken pastel with chorizo in white sauce)
  • Chicken Cacciatore, an Italian dish cooked the Filipino way. This is chicken thighs with olives, tomatoes, and mushrooms (slowly simmered and served with rice)
  • Chicken in wine sauce – chicken thighs cooked slowly with cheese and white wine
  • Baked macaroni – everyone’s favorite – cooked just the way you like it (choose from toppings like pepperoni, bacon, and tuna)

The cakes and pastries by Mitchelle’s Sweet Kiss are a major part of the deli’s appeal. It’s where those who want to indulge in their cake addiction can go because the specialty cakes and pastries are prepared with love and passion.

Apart from Mitchelle’s heavenly kamasutra cake, a special mention must be given to the chocolate fondue (good for 2 – 3 persons). It is served with marshmallows, bread sticks, and the fruits of the day.

Diners who prefer to eat their cakes and desserts with hot steaming coffee are welcome to concoct their own coffee. They can spice it up with chocolate, brandy, and rum.

They also serve shakes (seasonal fruits) and juices. Take note: they have a Sarsaparilla Float, the traditional sarsaparilla with vanilla ice cream. The term sarsaparilla alone evokes memories of family and home (like mom, dad, and the doting grannies)!

Last but not least: ice cream cakes are coming soon!

Good Spirits is all about experiencing and living the good stuff. As the name suggests, it is about being happy and positive.

Do check them out this week as our friends from have been able to get you an offer that you can’t refuse!

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When In Manila, do check out this artsy fartsy place called “The Collective” to get yourself some unique experiences in the avant garde world of creativity! Be sure to check out Good Spirits: Wine, Desserts, Coffee to have a relaxing afternoon or night. Oh, and of course, check out to get the best deals in and around the Metro!

Oh, oh, and while you’re at The Collective, check out this other place we reviewed: Pasta Box: Healthy, Local, Creative, Pasta Bar

Good Spirits – Wine Desserts Coffee

The Collective, 7274 Malugay cor. Mayapis, San Antonio Village, Makati

7220862 / 09178915477

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