You Won’t Be Able to Stop Chowing Down on These Salted Egg Floss Prawns and Crab Dishes!

Traditional Chinese cuisine with a modern twist — that’s what The Chow Men take pride in.

Offering a motley of traditional Filipino-Chinese dishes transformed into delectable meals with modern flavors and ingredients, Chow Men is definitely out to impress anyone who would want to try something new.

“Growing up in the typical setting of Sunday lunches at our grandmother’s house with the whole clan, we wanted to convey the comfort of laid-back family gatherings through our dishes,” shared Abby Go with When In Manila. “The inspiration which brought about this pandemic baby was when two of the partners — a businessman and a restaurateur — decided to physically encapsulate their shared love for seafood (and eating of course!)”

“Growing up, I had this fond memory of my dad peeling shrimps and cracking whole crabs for me, which stuck to me even as I got older. I knew that it was one of his ways to show his love,” Abby added. “I want our customers to feel the same love and comfort through our dishes. We want our customers to feel the familiarity of comfort food while experiencing a modern and unique twist to it.”

And the result is a gastronomic experience! Speaking as someone who doesn’t usually indulge in these unique modern Chinese dishes, I couldn’t believe how much I was missing out.

The meals I had the privilege of trying were the Crab Fried Rice, the Crab Cream Noodles, and the Salted Egg Floss Prawns—all freshly prepared upon delivery. The Crab Fried Rice, which was special fried rice with The Chow Men’s signature pour-over sauce of 100% fresh crab meat, was delicious paired with the surprisingly addicting Salted Egg Floss Prawns. Those who aren’t fans of the salted egg flavor would be amazed to discover that these prawns don’t overpower the tastebuds one bit! In fact, I may have finished them all in one sitting… that’s how good they are!

The Crab Cream Noodle was one of The Chow Men’s partners’ homage to a popular restaurant chain in his hometown in Vancouver, Canada. It consists of 100% freshly peeled crab meat tossed in The Chow Men’s signature cream sauce over al dente noodles. A fusion of East meets West! Equally as satisfying.

Also worthy to note is The Chow Men’s very own Chili Garlic. You can add it to any of the dishes for that spicy kick!

chow men salted egg floss prawns

The Chow Men has all these and so much more to offer, especially in the coming months! Stay updated by checking out their social media pages. They deliver all around Metro Manila and nearby provinces in the Greater Manila Area.

The Chow Men


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