The Cardipelago Sessions IV

he Cardipelago Sessions IV is one of this year’s biggest events in the Magic and Cardistry Community. It will be held at 123 Block, Mandaluyong City on November 23rd, Saturday, 12 noon to 8pm. Cardipelago partnered with RunIt Decks and Art of Play to bring and unite the country’s top Sleight of Hand Artists, Cardists and Magicians in one event! 


The event will have Spade JM and David Sta. Ines as their Keynote Speakers in Sleight of Hand and Cardistry respectively. The event is also headlined by Philippines Premiere Magicians V. and Kurt Garcia. There are lots of activities in store for everyone! Including Fool Us (for magicians) and Cardistry Deathmatch (for cardists).

Cardipelago aims to showcase Filipino talent with regard to Sleight of Hand Card Magic and Cardistry and is the front-runners of the movement in the Philippines.

Cardipelago is a portmanteau of the two words Card and Archipelago. The Philippines is an Archipelago and there are a lot of places and attractions within it. Subsequently, there are a lot of hobbyists, practitioners and even professionals in the artform from different cities, provinces, and municipalities. Cardipelago wants to be the bridge for them to meet up and exchange knowledge, concepts, applications to Playing Cards anywhere in the country.

Cardipelago aims to change the stigma that relates cards to gambling. Which is the most common misconception that we have when we conduct our jams/gatherings in coffee shops and other public places. We are often kicked out of these aforementioned stores because they suspect us for conducting gambling activities even if we are just literally playing with cards and having a good time.

Their main goal is to have a safe haven for the enthusiasts of Playing Cards. Wherein the ideas are flowing freely and concepts are being shared and we are on the move to share the art of cardistry and magic to laymen in order for them to know that there is much more to the artform than meets the eye and aim that their current judgment of it will be changed to benefit our Vision.

In line with this, Cardipelago has successfully organized Jam Sessions throughout Metro Manila and Southern Luzon (Calabarzon). The Cardipelago Sessions has now been a staple in the Cardistry and Magic community and everyone in the community is patiently waiting for the next Sessions to be in their city! Cardipelago aims to branch out even more and reach the peaks of Northern Luzon and the depths of Cebu, Cagayan de Oro and Davao.

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