The Bus Bubble Gang: Beware Organized Bus Thieves

Bus Bubble Gang: Beware Organized Bus Thieves


For those who take the bus, please be careful! Groups of thieves, 6 men or more, will board a bus and run an elaborate set of trickery to steal your phone, tablet or purse.

The following video was posted by Eric Ogena who wanted to share this to warn others.

The video is pretty long, as the recorder already smelled something fishy and just started recording. But pretty much if you fast forward to 2:30 mark, that’s where the action starts.

Well but before that, let me sum up what happens.

A group of approximately six men boarded a bus at the same time. One would go all the way to the end, another would stay in front, and then three or four would roam the middle. We are assuming the people in front and the back are the lookouts. 

The three or four men in the middle started to move around a lot. Sitting and standing and then sitting again in different seats. They were assumed to be shopping around for their victim. 

At the 2:30 mark of the video, you will see a man in blue start to mess with a girls hair. He, or one of his accomplices, had put gum in her hair, and he was pretending to help her get it off. This is why we decided to call them the “Bus Bubble Gang” because they use bubble gum to distract their victims. 

Now just imagine how pissed and pre-occupied you would be if you had gum in your hair. You’d probably be too busy getting it off to even wonder where it came from or worry about your surroundings. This is where the other men will strike. 

As you are preoccupied trying to get gum out of your hair, the other men will go through your bags and belongings and take anything they can find. Laptops, tablets, phones or wallets. Then, they signal each other that it is time to get off the bus, and they do just that. 

Fortunately, this woman was able to notice immediately and screamed to the bus conductors not to let the men down. It seems that she was able to get her tablet back in the video, but who knows if the crooks took anything else.

It was also noted by the video taker that bus drivers and conductors are familiar with this type of theft but are sometimes too afraid to do anything as the thieves may have weapons. 

This video was supposedly taken from the Santa Mesa to Greenhills bus routes. 

So for now, please just be warned and help share this video to get the word out there. 

Be careful in public transportation and be weary of people trying to distract you. Hopefully, this video gets seen by the right authorities who can catch these thieves. 



Bus Gang Organized Bus Thieves

 The Bus Bubble Gang: Beware Organized Bus Thieves

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