The Burger Lab: A Geeky Burger Lover’s Heaven!

When In Manila and looking to fulfil that monstrous burger craving? Head down to the Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City and give The Burger Lab a try!


Now, now, before you say: “ANOTHER burger joint?”, don’t dismiss The Burger Lab as yet another one of those meaty burger shacks that are prevalent around the metro. With its unique concept, interactive experience, and explosive flavors, you definitely have to drive down here!


Photos by Kevin Liao

The Burger Lab goes all out in their geeky theme with a laboratory-inspired concept: Complete with test tubes, syringes and flasks just think of Dexter’s Laboratory while creating your own burgers!That’s right, you can concoct your own burger up to your own liking: just like a laboratory! And that’s not even the best part… which we will show you later on!


A classic, mouthwatering example of a B.Y.O.B: Build Your Own Burger!

The Burger Lab doesn’t just serve burgers; they also have other wicked and inventive dishes that you must try! Take a look at the dishes we tasted:


Burger Salad

This pretty much validates our excuse for eating salads, especially when there’s a juicy patty on top! Kidding aside, the burger salad pretty much feels like a deconstructed burger: the fresh veggies complement the flavorful beef patty, giving it that refreshing crunch.


Nacho Sticks

These nacho sticks were BOMB. Crisp on the outside and oozing on the inside with gooey cheese, what’s not to love about these? These are a must order!!


Burger Spaghetti



Mushroom Shiitake Pasta



Salisbury Steak

For dishes other than burgers, there’s Burger Spaghetti, Mushroom Shiitake Pasta, and Salisbury Steak: filling meals that really provide bang for your buck!

If you’re not really feeling to BYOB (Build Your Own Burger) you can always try Burger Lab’s special burger selections! Here are our favorites:



What do you get when you put beef and mushroom together? Mathematically speaking, it would be equated as B + M = AWESOME. The beef patty is tender and flavorful, with the bacon adding more smoke, lying on a bed of melted cheese and sauteed mushrooms, sandwiched in soft, buttery brioche buns. Mmmm!



Smoked Gun Burger

This has got to be Burger Lab’s star dish. This inventive dish involves the use of a smoking gun, where the the burger is enclosed in some sort of flask while it’s being smoked right in front of you! This locks in the hickory smoke flavor, giving the burger that welcome kick! The barbecue sauce is also perfectly tangy and definitely stands out.

And finally, on to dessert!


After a host of filling meals, wash them down with their thick vanilla milkshake: just the right taste of vanilla and milky smoothness!


Choco Bomb

Don’t leave without ending your meal with the choco bomb: luscious vanilla ice cream enclosed in an indulgent chocolate shell, which breaks and melts on to the ice cream when poured over with thick caramel sauce! It’s basically a sweet tooth’s perfect formula.

Burger Lab’s innovative burgers, awesome geeky theme

The Burger Lab

Prism Plaza, MOA Complex, Pasay City


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