The Bunny Baker Café & Cake Studio: From gelatos to cakes, and even to great dishes! Not just for the sweet tooth!

The Bunny Baker Café & Cake Studio is more than what people think of the place to be (a desserts and coffee place), and I am here to tell you the reasons why! The Bunny Baker Café & Cake Studio often is misunderstood and easily viewed as simply a cafe and sweets shop even though their dishes are what personally captivates me a lot. I mean, man, some people easily assume that the place is mostly for desserts and coffee simply by the name and looks of the place, but once you see the menu, there’s loads of amazing food! Yes they have insanely amazing cakes and desserts, but the food is fantastic as well. I’m here to enlighten people that Bunny Baker is FAR from just being a cafe and desserts place! FAR like… a galaxy far far away. OK? Okay! Take note, all the flavors and recipes are their own creations!


First off, The Bunny Baker has awesome cake designs! I believe they might be one of the bests in creating custom cakes for any occasion. I have barely seen any cake design this amazingly good! Fueled by the Bunny Baker owner and boss, Mrs. Aila Yonzon, these cake designs always aim to look great as whatever cartoon, photo, movie, vehicle, or whatever floats your boat, to more than satisfy each and every customer.





The Bunny Baker Café and Cake Studio, as the name suggests, is also home for some good coffee and great latté art! A handful of caffeine drinks are also in-line, and with the latté art, the Bunny Baker husband Mr. Zach Yonzon, is the master artist. I am blown away at how this husband and wife tandem are sooooo good with their craft, and also the fact that their amazing talent goes hand-in-hand in bringing up where The Bunny Baker is now. Simply amazing and filled with passion!


Their gelatos are also at the top of the game, having a handful of special homemade flavors, they are a must try. Oh and don’t forget they have cupcakes too!



Often I read people commenting that the dishes aren’t that big for the price etc etc etc… Then again, you are paying for GREAT QUALITY FOOD. If you’d like to choose quantity over quality, then you’d probably better off going to unli-rice restaurants or fast food places right? The Bunny Baker Café & Cake Studio screams quality, uniqueness, flavor, and passion. The dishes are all packed with great recipes by the Yonzon couple. I’m 6 feet tall, I get very satisfied with the portions of the dishes because they are compact and well made. Compare that to loosely made cheap food and you won’t really get full and satisfied even if you double the portion. Truth.


Now to the cream of the crop… for me, the main dishes! From the all-day breakfast menu, the main dishes, and their skillet desserts, I doubt there’s nothing that will tickle your fancy as I personally love a lot of their dishes. The “Chicken Parmigiana” is a staple fave of mine! I work-out at the same building and I often the Chicken Parmigiana if I want a good dose of protein. The “Dynamita” is a starter I always alwayyyyys crave about! Though I have a new starter fave from their new menu hehehe… The pasta is also great! With ample thickness and rich flavor, you can never go wrong ordering them. Time to showoff some of their awesome dishes:

Bunny_Baker_07“Chicken Parmigiana”



Bunny_Baker_25“Creamy Pesto”

Bunny_Baker_26“Chicken Alfredo”

Bunny_Baker_03“The Bunny Cristo”

Bunny_Baker_24“Beer-Blackened Porkchops”


Bunny_Baker_02“Fish & Crisps”

They have a handful of new dishes in the new menu and I instantly love the “Buttermilk Chicken Poppers”! Oh and they are also on the verge of adding a B-Fit menu which will cater to health and fitness aficionados. So here are some of those in the new menu:

Bunny_Baker_01“Buttermilk Chicken Poppers”



Here’s some from the All-Day Breakfast menu! Filipino styyyyle! Cute at how they shape the eggs into hearts. Now, I dare you say the portions of these are small hehehe…

Bunny_Baker_21“Bacon-Style Beef Tapa”

Bunny_Baker_20“Crispy Adobo Flakes”

Oh and how about the burgers? They have fantastic burgers too! Truffle Cheeseburger FTW!

Bunny_Baker_28“Bacon Cheeseburger”

Bunny_Baker_27“Truffle Cream Cheeseburger”


Now, of course you guys wanna know about their desserts right? Of course! It’s one of Bunny Baker’s expertise and you definitely should not miss it out! Forget your diet for once (if you are on one), and immerse yourself in these mesmerizing and mouth-watering desserts! They definitely DO NOT disappoint! They taste even better than how they look, believe me. From drinks to skillet desserts, yep you read that right, SKILLET desserts! Bunny Baker truly is a heaven for food! Another thing to add about Bunny Baker’s menu, they come up with very interesting names for some of their dishes, especially their desserts. One example of this is the skillet dessert, Skilletor. The name is somewhat inspired by Skeletor from He-Man! How cool and geeky is that? Here they are! Oh and my top faves are the Ooey Gooey and the Skilletor.

Bunny_Baker_10“Velvety Rabbit”


Bunny_Baker_08“Salted Caramel”

Bunny_Baker_07“Panna Cotta”

Bunny_Baker_06“Ooey Gooey”

Bunny_Baker_05“Gojira’s Delight”


Bunny_Baker_03“Frozen Oreos”

Bunny_Baker_02“Double Dark”

Bunny_Baker_01“Coffee Cubes”

From gelatos, custom cakes, cupcakes, awesome skillet desserts, and to their breakfast and main dishes. The Bunny Baker Café and Cake Studio definitely knows how to tickle the palate in many ways. From creating every single flavor and recipe on their own, mainly handling the craftsmanship of the cakes and latté art, the husband and wife tandem of the Yonzons are incredibly amazing and something to be jealous about! They have built such a great formula out of their passion and teamwork that YOU definitely must come and try. Facebook link is below!

The Bunny Baker Café and Cake Studio Facebook Page

Address: Unit 301, Hemady Square, Doña Hemady St, New Manila, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Contact: 6504153

Dessert photos by: Majoy Siason



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