The Boy Who Cried Books: Boy with Bipolar Disorder Sells Books to Earn Money for Law School

Just when you think that life is being so harsh to you, think again. Before uttering the words of defeat, take a deep breath and remind yourself that what you’re experiencing right now is nothing but a challenge of life. Take all these things as something that wouldn’t be able to completely destroy you and instead, consider them as something that would make you a stronger person. Always remember that nothing could ever bring down the spirit and the passion of someone who dreams and someone who fights. 

Take for example the story of Justin de Castro, who is known in different social media networks as The Boy Who Cried Books. At a very young age of nineteen (19), Justin started living an independent life as he left his home and eventually stopped studying. Aside from this, he was struggling with his own wolf, a bipolar disorder which made things more difficult for him to survive, even pushing him to give up life several times. But Justin learned that there is indeed always a solution. There is a silver lining hidden somewhere just waiting to be found, or, sometimes to one’s surprise, the answer is actually right in front of us. Justin found comfort in reading books and with this, he started reaching for and fulfilling his dreams.



With the remaining 14 books under his possession, Justin made his own makeshift bookstand and sold these books in the streets. As he earned from this first batch of books, he then bought another batch and resold those. This has been his way of reaching for his dream to be lawyer someday. Also, as he acquires knowledge from reading his books, he tends to share some advices and some thoughts to ponder to his own customers. He believes and even recommends that one should keep on reading books to be able to be enlightened and to make the best out of themselves.

Justin’s struggle and strong determination caught the interest of various individuals. Different organizations nationwide have been launching their own programs and/or projects that were designed to help Justin reach his dream of becoming a lawyer. For example, one of the projects that are still running for his benefit was launched by ProTEES Project last April 2, 2014. This organization launched a T-shirt fundraising program without asking Justin or anybody for capital or any other upfront costs. Basically by the end of the campaign, proceeds will be directly given to Justin while his supporters get the chance to have their very own The Boy Who Cried Books T-shirt. According to ProTEES Project, Justin is one of the people who keep them going as the group itself was driven by their own passion to create and bring about change.

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As of now, Justin keeps on going, imagining and creating a brighter future for himself and for his fellowmen. His story might not be unusual to the whole Filipino community, especially when all of us have our own problems and situations to deal with. Yet his story reminds us that for every problem, there is always a solution that is waiting to be discovered. And sometimes, there are also different organizations, and/or individuals that you might need to approach to be able to lessen the weight you’re carrying all by yourself. Think positive and never let the challenges of life bring you down.


 ProTEES Project

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