The Bloomfields Asks Fans to Fund their Latest Album

Local rock-and-roll quartet The Bloomfields is set to release their newest album this year, but need the help of their fans to do so.

The band, made up of Lakan Hila on lead guitar, Rocky Collado on drums, Dino Pascual on rhythm guitar, and Louie Poco on bass, just recently set up a crowdfunding page under The Spark Project with the goal of raising PHP 300,000 for the production of A Drop Into the Blue — almost 8 years since their last full-length album featuring all-original tracks, Hit the Ground Running, released in 2011.

The Bloomfields band


“We found ourselves now brimming with a need to express our creativity and have spent the last year and a half recording a new album in between our regular live gigs,” they wrote on their campaign page. “As experienced Filipino artists, we are excited to contribute our unique voice to an ever-growing OPM scene that has been gaining momentum as an influential force on the world stage.

They continued, “At a time where artists are expected to independently produce, market and sell their work, we are looking into crowdfunding to help us get our original music out to a wider audience without having to sign with a major record label.”

According to them, the money raised from their campaign will go to the “mixing and mastering of our new tracks, the production of new merch and the creation of more exciting content for our fans, including music videos for some of the songs.”

Some of the exclusive band merch that will be released include pins, postcards, shirts, a limited-edition hair pomade, and a collaboration with local waxed canvas bag maker Gouache — all of which the band’s backers can have first dibs on.

All backers of the campaign will also receive a ticket to The Bloomfields’ album launch.

The Bloomfields Merch

Source: The Bloomfields Crowdfunding Page

As of now, they have hit the halfway mark with more than a couple of weeks left until the end of the campaign.

“We are grateful for our friends and fans who have supported us through the years by dropping by our gigs, sharing our content online or by just cheering amongst the crowd. Through our spark project campaign, our fans can now have an avenue to actively participate and contribute to the creation and launch of the band’s original songs,” they said.

The Bloomfields has been active in the industry for 15 years, performing in live gigs around the country. They are heavily influenced by 1960s music, frequently making covers of songs from The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and The Beach Boys. They grew to fame for their hit single “ALE.” Hit the Ground Running had been their first album that featured original songs, released in 2011.

Check out their crowdfunding page here.

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