The Beep Card Can Now Be Used on These Four Bus Lines

Beep Card (1)

The beep card can now be used on Citylink, BGC Bus, HM, and Frohlich Tours buses.

This is great news as having one card that can work on all four bus lines will definitely make cashless travel in the city easier.

MRT-3 Stations to use Beep Cards on Oct. 3

We hope more bus lines will adapt the use of a single card like the beep card. Hopefully, other means of transportation follow as well. Also, we hope it will be accepted as card payment on expressways. Last time I checked, the Manila–Cavite Expressway (CAVITEX) accepts the beep card already.

And then, like in other countries, we look forward to stores accepting a centralized card for payment.

For starters, the PayMaya card, which works like a debit card, also has a beep card wallet.

Therefore, aside from using it as a debit card for online shopping, offline payments, withdrawals, and what-nots, it can also serve as your beep card.

PayMaya #NowNation (3)

How about you? Do you also like for a centralized card to be accepted in any transportation and even in stores?

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