The BDJ Box Social


Now, let’s move on to the first talk. I actually signed up for 3 but I’m kind of running late since I still need to attend a client meeting, I decided to cover the first talk only.




The “Beauty Questions Solved” talk which is the first one on the list was very helpful for us ladies there.




A lot of questions were answered by these three beauty bloggers named Nicole Romero, Tara Cabullo and Kat Alvarez. They get to give out prizes to the first 5 person who will throw questions and Kat Dy, the host of the event were a bit surprised by the very eager ladies.



The beauty bloggers with Kat Dy


I asked one beauty blogger named Tara with my hair problem. Since I was a vegetarian, I noticed my hair becoming thin. She reccommended to try out organic shampoos and make it a point to be aware of how many hair falls I get each day. The normal count is like a hundred but if it goes up higher than that I should see a doctor.  These girls know what they’re talking about.





 Too bad I was not able to finish the other 2 talks I’ve signed up for. Oh well. So much for beauty talk. But it was all worth it. I super enjoyed the products they gave out.


Till next BDJ event.

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