The Attitude of Gratitude! Grateful For Such An Abundant Year!



There  is sooooo much to be thankful for when in Manila or may it be anywhere in the world! The only sad part is that oftentimes, we fail to recognize and appreciate them because we are too focused on what we do not have rather than the things which we do have!



So before we bid goodbye to 2011, may we take the time to remember and be thankful for the blessings that has been showered to us this year! 


I started working on myself in having this “attitude of gratitude” in 2010 and I am so overwhelmed with the abundance of blessings which I’ve been receiving ever since! To name a few, my health greatly improved, I got promoted as a Team Manager and I even won raffles and contests since I made this positive switch!  Easier said than done.. I know, but it is NOT Impossible! It simply starts with a mental decision to be thankful and feel good no matter what. It’s about choosing the dominant vibration you wanna emit.  It takes time…. it’s a process and a journey! But once you get there…. the harvest is just unlimited!



I’d like to share to you my gratitude board. I just love looking at it!  If you noticed, they are all about people and experiences rather than material stuff.  Each photo holds a very special memory which I truly cherish in my heart! I’m sure these photos will also put a smile on Frank’s face. I do have thousands of photos in my hard drive (more than 20k photos this year only! phew!), so I just had to pick a few ones! And yes, the people around me are my true treasures and I am so thankful to share these blessings with them! I always believed that the best thing you can give someone is a “good memory. My partner Frank and I had the time of our lives this year! We sure made soooo many great memories together and shared them with our family and friends! We never saw it coming but it did! Rockets started going off especially when we started  taking photos together and just allowed ourselves to be who we are.  The two of us just work so well together that many people started to notice the “magic” in our photos! I am soooo thankful to have him in my life and for the wonderful friendship which we both share. I believe it is soooo rare to find a person which you share a real chemistry with, so I really feel lucky because the universe allowed our paths to cross! I believe that the things we did this year are but seeds  which we planted… and since we planted seeds of goodness, I’m certain that the harvest will be bountiful! I look forward in experiencing more and more great stuff together with him! =)



We are so very thankful for Vince and for believing in us and for being sooooo supportive of us! definitely opened new doors  with all the places and people we got to meet along the way! I may say we gained more confidence with our creative and people skills due to this.  I believe this is just the start of something sooooo great and Frank and I are so proud to be part of the team! It is indeed a pleasure to co-create with such wonderful people!



So what really is the secret? It is plainly to choose to be grateful and be happy no matter what…. and I guarantee that ALL GREAT THINGS WILL FOLLOW!!



I’d like to share to you this very inspiring video. This clip never fails to make me feel good! =)






Make your own gratitude board today and post it on your wall! Let the universe know how grateful you are and prepare for a fruitful harvest in 2012!!! Simply click this link and sign-up to make your very own board! Insert photos of your experiences and even photos of what you want to have! Have fun!





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The Attitude of Gratitude! Grateful For Such An Abundant Year!

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