The Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health (ASMPH) Community Warmly Welcomes New Batch of Atenean Doctors to their Community

Year level 5 students learning OrSem Dance - Cut to the Feeling

On July 20, 2017, the ASMPH celebrated the entry of 184 freshmen (year level 5 students) into their new home and acquainted them with the various aspects of life as an ASMPH student with this year’s OrSem Nayon. The OrSem’s theme Nayon was chosen because the core team wanted to welcome Batch 2022 to the tight-knit community of the ASMPH.

Before they start offering up their prayers, blood, sweat, tears, or any other type of offering, Batch 2022 was treated to a day of fun and freebies. From morning ‘till night, our Nayon was dancing to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Cut to the Feeling” as choreographed by a well-rounded future doctor: an A-Team member and current year level 6 ASMPH student, Kevin Toy.

The traditional Talks N’ Tours (TnT) was made to familiarize the freshmen with academics, school organizations, and sports teams so that they would be well-equipped with everything that they need to know before entering the menacing marathon that is medical school.

OFilm shot3 - Migui Atanante and Ivan Iglesias

Another staple of the event is the O-Film, which is made to further acquaint Batch 2022 with what being a student at the ASMPH is like. This year’s O-Film is an original production by the ASMPH Batch 2021 and was directed by Gio De Guzman. The film, entitled Fast Na, Furious Pa: Ortigas Drift was a parody of hit movies The Fast and The Furious and La La Land. It depicted the bromance between two students, Vinch Unleaded (from Vin Diesel) played by Ivan Iglesias and Pol Runner (from Paul Walker), played by MiguiAtanante who are also both year level 6 students. The film was witty and funny at the start, then put the audience to tears at the end with its dose of an emotional and riveting scene that every medical student can relate to.

The OrSem also featured talks by the ASMPH Dean Dr. Manuel Dayrit, Dr. Chris Soriano, who represented the faculty, Dr. MikkoManalastas, who represented the alumni, and Andrea Estuart and Jabie Antonio who represented the batch of the organizers who are currently year level 6. The event also included performances by the Ateneo Med Dance Group (AMDG), ASMPH VOX, serenades by first year and second-year representatives, and titillating dance numbers by the boy bands of Batch 2021, Batch 2020, and Batch 2019.

Do not fear this arduous journey, Batch 2022. Be dauntless, for we will all be with you!

Malugod naming tinatanggap ang pagpasok ng Batch 2022 saamingmuntingNayon! Palagi niyo sanang tandaan ang bansag na “No Atenean Left Behind” at na lagi kaming naririto para sa inyo. We gladly welcome the entry of Batch 2022 into our humble community. We hope you always remember our motto of “No Atenean Left Behind” and that we will always be here for you.

Once again Batch 2022, Welcome to ASMPH!

We, the organizing team, would like to thank our sponsors for making this event possible:  Smart Communication, Del Monte,, Freshaire Salon, Anytime Fitness – El Pueblo, Uber, GetBlue