The Art of Making Guys You Like Approach You Thinking it was Their Idea

Hi, this is Amanda Coling, an ugly-duckling-turned-playgirl who has recently vowed to reform and use these dating, attraction, and social skills for the greater good only. Lol.

After a couple of heartbreaks, I started reading psychology on attraction, relationships, human dynamics, pick up arts, seduction, etc., and applied and field-tested everything I learned and created my own methods through the years. Whatever I learned has brought me a lot of dating fun and a few manageable trouble. It even took me to a two-month trip to eight states in the USA. With Tinder Plus at my disposal, armed with my acquired dating skills, I went to New York City, New Jersey, Las Vegas, Nevada, Grand Canyon in  Arizona, various cities in California, Miami South Beach Florida, Minnesota, and Wisconsin and even attended various big parties with big DJs such as The Chainsmokers, Nelly, Queen, and Adam Lambert concerts, and a Broadway show, with only 2,400 Philippine pesos.

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With the drummer of Magic! Band Alex Tanas in California

During this trip, I even met and hung out with Alex Tanas, the drummer of the band Magic! who sang “Rude.” He started hitting me up on Instagram. He told me he saw my profile on Tinder. I didn’t even match with him on Tinder. He must have had uninteresting photos. I’ve shared some of those techniques in an ebook I wrote called Get Any Guy You Want or Have Fun Trying: a Female Player Shares 7 Secrets on How to Upgrade Your Dating, Mancandy-hunting and Soulmate-catching, which is available on Amazon here.

Get Any Guy You Want or Have Fun Trying Ebook Cover

In this article, I will share Secret 4 of my aforementioned ebook.

Secret 4: The art of making the first move to make him approach you, thinking it was his idea     

A Playgirl Technique that good girls can use to their advantage is the art of making the first covert move to make him approach, you thinking that the approach was his idea. This is not something that I just invented. In fact, the clever females from our distant past practiced this lost art as well. During the Victorian era, when a woman fancied a man, she’d drop her handkerchief somewhere close enough for the man to notice and fetch, so that he’d have a reason to approach and talk to her. Even some scientists claim that there are evidences that suggest that cave women traveled further and sought out sexual partners.

In the modern days, there are various ways to do this. One example is by looking at a man you like from afar, exchanging eye contact with him for 3 seconds, flashing a flirty-friendly smile, flipping your hair and looking away.



In photos: Me at 19 without game or dating skills, with Donald Trump Jr., with Neyo, with Formula 1 Driver Esteban Ocon, and with DJ Willy Monfret and other male models I met through acquired social skills.

To the more courageous guys, this is enough to get him to approach. But for guys with more debilitating AA (Approach Anxiety), after about a minute, repeat the move, but this time open your mouth and pretend to say something. If he makes facial or hand motions that hint a bit of confusion and seem to ask “What?”, invite him over with a wave of your hand or that index finger gesture that signals for someone to come over. When a person is confused, it is easier to lead them to do what you ask them to do. Confusing a person is a technique that even “budol-budol” gangs and other con artists use to lead victims to do something they want them to do.

Video: At some Vegas Party

When he approaches, say something interesting, unique, playful and engaging. Say something like “My girlfriend and I were having a bet on what color your eyes (or shirt or shoes) are. She said blue, and I insisted on green. Who do you say won?” Say it in a confident, feminine and playful tone. Such interaction is very exciting for men and, once you get a hang of it, will be for you as well. Or you can say “My girlfriend and I were having a bet on whether that other guy in blue that you are with is your brother or just your friend. She bets that you guys are brothers because you’re both cute and I said just because you’re both cute doesn’t necessarily mean you’re brothers. Please tell me you’re just friends? Otherwise I have to buy her a drink.”

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