The Art Brew: Dress Up Your Gadgets Using Customized Calligraphy

When in Manila, there are online shops that offer unique and customizable items. One of them is @theartbrew, which I came across with when I was browsing for phone cases on Instagram. It’s a gold mine for those who want to protect their gadgets in style. Notebook aficionados will also find themselves double-tapping @theartbrew’s products. Here are three things I’m currently using from The Art Brew.


1.) The Art Brew’s customizable notebooks

Instead of opting for a simple black notebook, you could have calligrapher Lora Cuevas from the The Art Brew customize something for you. Lora first started to get into calligraphy in September 2012. She attended one of Fozzy Castro’s workshops and started a business where she could apply her newfound calligraphy skills.

I wanted to have a notebook for my blog, The Passion Project. I didn’t really have a specific design in mind, but I’ve always liked how gold looks like in contrast with black. I told this to Lora, who used gold paint to write my blog’s name on the black notebook. It turned out to be so much better than how I imagined it would be!

00001Art Brew

The papers of the notebook are smooth and lined. The whole notebook looks so neat, I’m “saving” it for 2016. I haven’t had the courage to write on it yet!

00002Art Brew

2.) The Art Brew’s wide selection of phones.

I’m currently using a Sony Xperia Z3. It’s difficult to find phone cases for it. I’ve been to Sony shops and malls, and was not satisfied with the ones I saw. For a few months, I settled with using my phone without a case.

I was surprised that The Art Brew has a lot of phone models to choose from–complete with customizable designs! Once again, I chose my blog name to dress up my phone. The design you see at the back of the phone was especially designed by The Art Brew–it’s not a font I randomly chose.

00003Art Brew

3.) The Art Brew’s customizable laptop decals

There are a lot of fonts and colors to choose from for your laptop decals. I found these laptop decals to be useful. My laptop functions as my office, inspiration board, library, and school binder all wrapped up in one. And because of The Art Brew, it’s now a mobile ad, too.

00004Art Brew

It was unintentional, but because I had my link and blog name on my laptop, friends and acquaintances I came across with asked about what the laptop decals meant.

Art Brew

Initially, The Art Brew only sold customized calligraphed stickers for planners. Then, Lora tried to use Vinyl. Lora asked her followers if they’d be interested in customized cases with calligraphed stickers, and the responses were positive. Because of this, Lora is able to express her creativity in calligraphy through her business. Customers are able to carry personalized pouches, gadgets, and notebooks that are always extra thoughtful as gifts.


The Art Brew is giving away A LOT of their products to WIM readers! This is a list of all the things they’re giving away:

  • ​(2) Customized Phone Cases
  • (3) Customized Phone Decals
  • (3) Customized Laptop Decals
  • (3) Customized Laptop Wrist Decals
  • (1) Customized Small Black Notebook
  • (1) Pouch

To join the giveaway, simply follow the three steps:

1.) Facebook: Like The Art Brew ( and (

2.) Instagram: Follow @theartbrew and @leerebecca_com.

3.) Comment below to indicate that you have joined. Please let us know what your Instagram and Facebook usernames are.

The winner(s) will be announced on November 11.

The Art Brew

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