The 8 Avengers we think might die in Infinity War and the one hero we pray won’t

It’s tomorrow! Are you anxious? Excited? Thrilled? All of our superhero faves are coming together in an exciting, action-packed 2-hour ride! And while we’re doubtful that everyone’s coming out unscathed, we’re just praying our favorite heroes will still be able to avenge another day!

Much like how Quicksilver wasn’t safe during Age of Ultron (I will never forget this injustice), none of the Avengers and the other superheroes joining them will be safe, either.

I’ve got my tissue ready! Have you?

9. War Machine/Rhodey

04War Machine

Don’t lie, that dramatic plummet from the sky into the ground during Civil War had you grasping at your armrests. I was convinced that Tony was going to get there right at the last second and save him or he was good as dead. I was very relieved seeing him recovering and doing physical therapy but it was a great big wake-up call to all of us: Our heroes are fallible.

This was one of the most pivotal points, I believe, in our Marvel Cinematic Universe journey where we truly, truly feared one of our heroes leaving us. As much as we want to believe in the magic of plot armor and how the important guys are safe, let’s take a page from the Game of Thrones fandom and assume that with Infinity War, everyone is fair game.

He’s already been injured because of Vision (and the infinity stone Vision has) so who’s to say he won’t be caught in another crossfire and meet his demise? We love you, Rhodey.

8. Vision


Speaking of the man (man? entity?) who incapacitated Rhodey, our friend Vision doesn’t look to be so lucky, either. In the trailer alone it’s shown that Thanos is bent over him, trying to remove the Mind Stone from his forehead. While it can be argued that Marvel wouldn’t be that obvious in showing our favorite weird Jarvis-voiced android’s death, maybe they’re also trying to pull a fast one on us.

It can be argued that he’s still young to the MCU and still has more to explore but there seem to be no plans for any standalone Vision film at all. He’s the youngest member of the team (his marvel wiki page literally says he is 2 years old—which isn’t wrong) but that doesn’t mean he’s safe. We feel like as soon as that stone is no longer fixed to his forehead, he will no longer exist. We love you, Vis.

7. The Hulk/Bruce Banner

04The Hulk

We’re a little 50/50 on this one.

While there doesn’t seem to be any mention of any future films with Banner, he’s also played a more significant role during Thor: Ragnarok. It might just end there, of course, but we’re also wondering if that will extend to any other films beyond Infinity War. It’s possible he’ll get closure here and then maybe sacrifice himself in some heroic manner!

Also, if number 3 on this list goes, the science brotherhood will end for sure. Sadness.

6. Nebula


They’re not going to kill Gamora because they’re not going to kill Peter Quill (and Peter Quill has been shown to be able to hold the stones since he’s part celestial anyway). But someone from Thanos’ family, someone he has hurt and destroyed beyond recognition likely will in an effort to make sure he goes down.

Our best bet is Nebula, the bloodthirsty, revenge-seeking daughter. In Guardians of the Galaxy 2, she revealed that every time he pitted her and Gamora against each other, he would take a body part from the loser and replace it with machinery until they were evenly matched. Nebula, with her hodgepodge of body parts and all her righteous fury, will likely try to bring her father down. But we’re afraid that she’ll go down, too.

It’ll be a very complex, very emotional movie for sure. Especially when she confronts Thanos.

5. Drax


Don’t forget that he’s got some beef with Thanos, too. And, ruling out the others again (as well as Groot who died the first time around), narrative-wise Drax might just die. It’ll be unfortunate watching Batista—er—Drax possibly die on the big screen just as he’s finally getting his revenge. While it was technically Ronan who murdered his family, Thanos was the root of that and Drax knows it.

This is a smaller possibility, however, as compared to the next few on our list.

4. Loki


Everyone’s favorite demi-god. Considered to be one of the most well-loved villains in any franchise, many of us are so sad to see him go. It’s been a wild ride watching him change and shift (sometimes literally). It’s been a wilder ride watching him switch sides and steal the tesseract more than once, too.

In terms of narrative, Loki dying would make a lot of sense. Like what we said earlier when we talked about Rhodes, there are prices to be paid and very real consequences. Loki can’t keep wearing his plot armor forever and he might just go out in a heroic manner (or not, this is pretty split down the middle)! Not even our favorite anti-hero can run from death for that long. With how many times he’s had to confront it, this might just be the last, unfortunately.

It’s a shame. We all did grow to love him!

3. Iron Man/Tony Stark

04Tony Stark

The man who started it all. I can still remember being wide-eyed in my cinema 10 years ago, watching this new superhero step up to the plate. And he was so weird and different and cocky but I think we all saw some part of us in him. He’s had a fantastic run, one we will never forget. But this might truly be it. After playing pivotal role after pivotal role in many of the MCU films, it might be his time.

And we don’t mean just retirement.

Every movie he’s headlined has had him inch closer and closer to possible death. All of his standalone films have him squaring off with deadly villains or revenge-obsessed scientists. The first Avengers had him fly into a rip in space to try and get rid of a missile. The next one had him almost blow up with Sokovia. Even in a Captain America film (Civil War, to be exact) he almost got the boot. These might all just lead up to the push and pull we might expect for Infinity War except this time, he isn’t coming back.

It hurts to think about it, mostly because I was under the impression I’d be watching Iron Man movies forever. And now to have to confront a possible death? I can’t. Pass me a tissue.

2. Captain America/Steve Rogers

04Captain America

Aptly named “The First Avenger,” is the man who, historically, did start it all. While it’s mostly accepted given that Chris Evans has officially finished his contract, I still don’t want to believe it. But alas, he cannot remain a vigilante forever. We feel as if going toe-to-toe with Thanos might extinguish Cap’s light. And that breaks my heart just to type that.

One of the most iconic Avengers, his death will move everyone. And it’d make sense in terms of the story, too. The fact that he was technically the leader of the team will also be a big part of it all, as leaders tend to take the biggest fall. We can see him holding off Thanos already, sacrificing himself in the process.

And, beyond that, there are people who might already be prepared to take on the moniker of Captain America. We have Bucky Barnes (whose actor, Sebastian Stan, still has more films to go) and even Sam Wilson. Barnes is 50/50 given the title of “White Wolf” he was given in the post-credits scene in Black Panther and we know Marvel doesn’t just throw titles around willy-nilly so we’ll see about that. Which leaves Sam Wilson, the Falcon.

This breaks my heart. Steve Rogers, my morally upright, heart of gold, shoulder-to-waist-ratio-of-a-dorito superhero and heart of my heart—I hope for the best. I’m not ready at all. I’m going to sob. Please just make it so that he retires and gets to be some little league baseball coach the rest of his life. I’m begging.

1. Stan Lee

04Stan Lee

Not technically an Avenger but possibly the greatest hero of all. There have been reports on his health and that his cameos may slowly dwindle—this might be his last one! While he can’t wield Thor’s hammer or grasp an infinity stone, this man can still truly be considered a hero. It is from his mind that all of these heroes that we now flock to see on the big screen came to be.

He is truly where all of this started, the real hero. We’re praying for you, big guy! Stay strong! You’ve got the stuff of heroes in you!

Who do you think might die in Infinity War? Will you be devastated? Let us know!