The 7 Stages of Desperation People Go Through When There’s a Seat Sale


If there are two words all travelers—especially the young and budget adventurers—love to hear, they have got to be these: Seat. Sale. Amirite??? The promise of travel to anywhere on discounted plane ticket rates is absolutely fantastic, which is why people go crazy every time an airline announces a seat sale. And we mean craaaazy.

If you’ve ever tried to book a flight during a seat sale then you know this, too, for sure! Here are the 7 stages of desperation people go through when there’s a seat sale!


1. The Announcement You’ve Been Waiting For

It’s an ordinary day, you’re scrolling through Facebook until…ta-dah! An airline announces that tomorrow morning, they’re having one of their much-anticipated seat sales! *Cue the confetti, applause, bouts of joy, the tears and the hugs. *

You have been busting your ass at work, and finally, this is your chance to go on that much-deserved break! Which leads us to…


2. The Decisions to Be Made

Destination, schedule, budget, filing that leave, and most importantly who to go on that adventure with?? You have a few hours on the clock before the seat sale officially starts, so this stage is all about decisions, decisions, decisions. At this point, you’re looking a lot like that meme with that lady trying to figure out that seemingly impossible math equation.

And your friends aren’t helping…you’ve all waited for this seat sale cos it’s been so long since your last barkada trip, but they’re all just arguing in the group chat because everyone has different ideas. LIKE. GUISE NAMAN. Why can’t we just pick a place and go???!


3. The Last 60 Seconds

The hours are down to the last minute. After hours of chatting, all your friends just ended up saying they’ll pass on this seat sale. GREAT. Drawing na naman. But that’s fine cos tbh, you already half expected it (pero k lang, labs mo pa din sila).

So you say to “yas, whatever, I’m going alone! I am a strong, independent person, I DON’T NEED U ALL.”

Last 10 seconds. You now feel like Katniss Everdeen in that scene where she’s inside the capsule taking her up to the arena just before the game starts. Because that is what this feels like. Freaking Hunger Games.

It’s almost 8 am, when the seat sale officially launches. That long hand on the clock is nearing the number 8, and countdown in your head begins. Five, four, three, two…and one*Presses ENTER key so hard like that would make a difference*


4. The Willing to Wait

You hit enter, and what shows up is a blank page with a note in the middle of the bright screen—the site is overloaded. “Please try again later,” it says.


You realize you are but a speck of dust in this universe. Just one contender in this battlefield full of people who just. want. to. travel.

There are thousands of you trying to log into the same website. And you have to wait for your opening. Pati ba naman online kailangan willing to wait pa rin? Pagod na si acoe.


5. The Temporary Triumph

You finally get in the site. HALLELUJAH! And with all your might you try to carefully, although as quickly as you can, search for your desired destination, pick a flight, and most importantly, key in your details. This process takes a while, but you do it, ever so meticulously, because you know in the end, it will all be worth it.

There it is. You’re doing so well. Last page!! You’re checking out!! You’re really doing this!! Just one last button to hit and it’s hello vacation!!!

You confirm your payment, and then…


6. The Apocalypse


You refresh and refresh and refresh, but you’re stuck at that “Please try again later” page. ARRRRGGGHHHH. Remorse. Guilt. Self-blame. You wonder when, where, how, what you did wrong. You wait and you wait and you wait again.

Five minutes pass. And then 10, and then 20, and then suddenly it’s 40 minutes after and you’ve hit the refresh button 999,999 times.  At this point, you just really want to throw a tantrum and smash your laptop on the floor.


7. The Redemption….Or So You Think

Like a blessing from the heavens, the clouds part and a slice of sunlight appears from the sky. On that millionth hit of refresh, you finally get in, and all is right in the world again.

…at least that’s what you think. Cos when you try to search your previous booking, IT. IS. GONE. That seat on sale has already been booked by a person who is obviously not you.

And just like that, your vacation dreams have been taken away from you.


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