The 11th Ateneo Scholars’ Week: TINDIG

The Ateneo de Manila University has provided more than 18% of its student body the gift of education through scholarships. Ateneo Gabay is an organization that stands to serve and support the Ateneo scholars’ community, one of its sectors, by continuously implementing projects that are aimed towards spreading the value of education and scholarship. For 44 years now, its members continue to be champions for education by ensuring that their projects are in line with the empowerment of their scholars. 

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The Ateneo Scholars’ Week (SWeek, for short) is a week-long event that celebrates the gift of scholarship and seeks to empower the scholars of the Ateneo de Manila University. It is also an opportunity for scholars to advocate for quality education and scholarships, both inside and outside the university. 


This year, Ateneo Gabay will host its 11th Ateneo Scholars’ Week from March 8 to 13, with an extension for the Scholars’ Fundraiser from March 15 to 20. It aims to amplify the voices of scholars and empower them. Hence, the name TINDIG. Through the four main events, SWeek 11 wants the different forms of scholars to stand out and be heard in the community.

  • In Scholars’ Speak (SSpeak), current and former Atenean scholars talk about their experiences as scholars and how these have contributed to their chosen fields. This will be done through a podcast! 
  • The Scholars’ Fundraiser event sells official merchandise for the 11th Ateneo Scholars’ Week. Part of the profit gained will be donated to the chosen beneficiary. 
  • The Scholars 101 (S101) is a 3-part webinar series where current scholars and professionals discuss how scholars can and have an impact on society. Scholars can ask and interact with the speakers through breakout room sessions.
  • Finally, the Scholars’ Got Talent provides an avenue for Ateneo scholars to showcase their talents in the performing and visual arts. At the end of the event, 3 scholars from each category will be chosen as winners.

Ultimately, the Ateneo Scholars’ Week is dedicated to the scholars of the Ateneo community, where education and passion come together.

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