Thanks, Dad: The Best (and Hilarious) Advice Dads Have Given Us

This coming Sunday, we are celebrating yet another special occasion to honor our dads, pops, fathers, tatays, mga nanay na naging tatay, at mga tatay na, nanay pa. 

It’s a special celebration where we enumerate dad’s special qualities and why he is the best dad in the world. For instance, their perseverance to help achieve our dreams.

INSPIRING Tricycle Driver's Son Graduates From Medical School

Every dad thinks everything is possible, even if he needs to pull off triple shifts.  This tricycle driver was able to send his son to a medical school. Such an uplifting story.

Essentially, this is the day they could put their feet up, relax, and just binge-watch their favorite shows like Sons of Anarchy or The Sopranos. (Yeah, a subtle shout out to my kids’ daddy!)

Crimson Fathers Day

Other countries celebrate Father’s Day on different dates. Countries like Australia and New Zealand, observe it every First Sunday in September.

I genuinely believe that amid their strict attitude and comical moves, dads can offer the best life lessons as well. So, I asked friends to contribute and share the best fatherly advice or pep talk their dads have given them.

Let’s read them together, shall we?

“Umuwe ng 12am sharp at wag maging adventurous kapag may jowa.”

fathers day

To Lee Rosales, a WhenInManila contributor, her teenage years felt like a fairy tale. Her dad would ask her to go home at exactly 12 MN (just like Cinderella) and asked her not to be too “adventurous” with boys.

“Do well in your studies and finish it, because it is one of the few things we, your parents, can provide for you that no one can ever take away.”

benefits of me time

Finish your studies first, is basically the staple advice our dads give us. Significantly, for Gwen Gonzales Carmen’s dad, education is paramount. Because of that, she is now happily married and has a great career to look forward to.

“Hindi niyo man maintindihan ngayun, pag nagkaanak na kayo maiintindihan niyo ang lahat ng sinasabe ko.” (You are clueless now but when you become a parent, that’s only time you’d understand what I’m trying to say).

me time2

Of course, the philosophy in life. I agree with what Chef Chase of Test Kitchen Caffe shared with us. I never knew parenting is such a pain in the arse until I became one!

 “Tumingin mabuti bago tumawid sa daan ha. Pag dating sa gitna, tingin kaliwa’t kanan baka biglang may lumusot diyan.” (He’s talking about cars that counterflow here.)


The most practical advice I’ve ever heard was from Michelle Padrelanan’s dad. Her dad shared how hard it is to cross the street and drive here in Pinas. Still, applicable to life.

“Obey the law, educate yourself and calculate your words and the information you reveal to others. The best way you can protect yourself is to know the law.”

keep calm

May De Jesus Palacpac, another WhenInManila contributor and the mommy blogger behind fullyhousewifed.com, shared how it is being schooled by a lawyer dad. Her dad trained her well in familiarizing herself with different policies. Her knowledge about the law (among other things) is the salvation of her family.

“Value your work.”

Banana Beach Davao

So you can truly enjoy your career. Taken at Banana Beach Davao.

Aleli Vida, a blogger, also contributed to this Father’s Day feature. She said that amongst the advice her dad has given her, valuing her work is an essential one, which I absolutely agree.

Sumunod ka muna bago ka sumuway.” (Obey first before you disobey.)

“My father would always say this to me when I was a kid, ngayon ko lang sya naintindihan,” shared Celerhina Aubrey. Furthermore, her dad told her it’s okay to get mad at him but never to her MOM.

What a clever advice, full of respect and maturity.

Values, respect, honesty, friendship than money.

On worrying about my finances: “Don’t mind the money”

“Bakit mo pagsasayangan ng oras ang isang bagay na wala namang saysay.” (Why waste time on useless things?)

Magbigay ng flowers habang buhay pa ang mahal mo sa buhay, wag kung kelan patay na to.

Lastly, the advice shared by Roxie Sanguyo, a restaurateur, and a mom of one, for now.

Follow the golden rule, always do the right thing – even in the most desperate times, never stray. When your heart is broken, the world doesn’t stop for you.


You have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and hit back at life with everything you’ve got. Always dream big, God puts those dreams in your heart because he knows you’re worthy.

Realistically, our dads are men of few words. But when they speak, their pieces of advice will hit you right in the feels.  Do you agree? Happy Father’s Day to all the men and WOMEN, who were able to carry “big things” on their own.

What is the best advice your dad or mom has given you? Share them by leaving a comment below!