THANK YOU! Great Turnout at Haven of Love Animal Sanctuary Groundbreaking Ceremony

IT WAS INDEED A BLESSED DAY! Thank you for sharing our dream with us. Last August 28th 2016, we officially launched Saint Roche’s Haven of Love: Home for the Abused and Abandoned Animals, and it was well attended by animal lovers from all over Luzon.

THANK YOU! Great Turnout at Haven of Love: Home for the Abused and Abandoned Animals Groundbreaking Ceremony

The purpose of this event was to plant a seed in everyone’s heart that we will continuously nurture so that it will grow into a big tree that will cradle abused and abandoned animals for generations to come. If we make this dream a reality, the next generations of animal lovers will have a venue to express their love for animals.

What is a home? A home is a place where basic needs are provided for, where love and care envelop those residing it. This is what we will build, a structure that they can live in, and a steady supply of volunteers who will spend time rubbing their bellies, hugging them, and playing with them.

This is not an overnight project and it will take time and lots of hard work and collaboration from all the animal lovers in the Philippines. Let’s get it done, and get it done right so that we can pass this to generations after us.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you very much for being one with us in this dream, now the real hard work begins. Please continue to be with us as we work together in making this dream a reality.

From the board of trustees of the Saint Roche’s Haven of Love: Raja Menghrajani, Joey Mead King, Vince Golangco, Anisha Gidwani, Robie de Guia, Sunil Menghrajani, Amrit Gidwani.


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