Text Scammer With P100 Million in Phone Credits Arrested

Beware New Text Scam Targets Mothers


Have you ever received those text scams? You know, the ones that pretend to be a relative from abroad or your network charging you for wrongful LTE use? Those who are fooled then send out phone credits, with some as high as P300.

A suspected phone scammer that uses this method was arrested by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), and according to reports, he earned as much as P100 million in his scamming spree.

According to the NBI, Roan Sia, alias Mark Tan, would send out text messages, pretending to be a relative and ask for credits using the network’s credit-sharing services. He would then encash this using the network’s money transfer services.

Sia is facing several charges, including large scale estafa and for violating the Access Device Act. The NBI is also investigating who else is behind the scheme.


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