TEDxMiriamCollege: Gray Matter

TEDxMiriamCollege is back for its second year! After digging down our roots, it’s time that we branch out to diversity in terms of perspectives and ideas.

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This year’s theme is entitled “Gray Matter” that seeks to cover gray areas and challenge the audience to look and see how things are not simply black and white; how more things now have in-betweens that enable us to widen our horizons.

The color gray is not just one shade of gray; it is composed of many different shades. This TEDx theme will venture into these different gray areas to introduce and open to the audience to the different possibilities and the extents that can occur in our society and in our world. After having a solid idea of who we are, it’s time to talks about choices; choices that aren’t always black or white, sometimes it can be gray.

TEDxMiriamCollege 2017: Gray Matter will be held at the Henry Sy Innovation Center, Miriam College Quezon City on April 8, 2017 from 1pm-6pm. See you there!

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